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Sometime in early 2004, CSAIL moved to the new Stata Center. The building is "interesting" and it would be a simple matter to find your way around the place if you were part of the original construction crew (or can channel Frank Gehry). For those of you not in this category, I have included a map of the floor on which my office, D468, is located (orange path from elevators to my office). The map won't help you to find my office at all, but if you print a copy and carry it around it might make you feel better and others will think that you know what you are doing.

Go to the elevators in the Dreyfoos tower (here is a map), located at the SouthWest end of the building, and take them to the 4th floor. When you leave the elevator, look to your right and you will see a map which is very similar to the one below. Try to orient yourself with regard to this map. Seriously. OK, ask around, it is likely that someone in the area has been to my office and also remembers the way.

Click here to see the Stata Center on the MIT interactive map.
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