The Art and Science of Depiction -- Frédo Durand

Limitations of the Medium:
Compensation and accentuation

The Picture is Static

Wednesday, March 21. 2001


The Image is static. How to depict motion: content, pose, viewpoint, blur and trails, multiple snapshots, metaphor, pictorial composition, Optical (well, perceptual) effects.

Slides of the lecture

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Assignments for Wednesday April 4

Choose and read one of the two texts on Perspective (Leonardo or Pirenne).
2 first chapters of Solso's Cognition and the Visual Arts
Write a little summary or comment (1/2 page for each).

Choose the essay subject
Picture comment or exploratory subject

Illustrative images
MFA "treasure hunt"


Further Reading
The Perception of Pictures, edited by M. Hagen
Psychology and the Visual Arts,
Rudolf Arnheim


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