The Art and Science of Depiction -- Frédo Durand

Limitations of the Medium:
Compensation and accentuation

The Contrast is Limited

Monday, April 9. 2001


The contrast of the image is typically limited to 2 orders of magnitude. This causes two problems: intensities on the picture and in the image do not match, and the large dynamic range of intensities of some scenes has to be contracted. Photo exposure, CG tone mapping, photo processing, lighting, addition of flare and halo, etc.

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Assignments for Wednesday April 18

Chapters 5 & 6 of Solso's Cognition and the Visual Arts
Write a little summary or comment (1/2 page for each).

Outline of the essay
Picture comment or exploratory subject

Vague project subject


Further Reading

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Ansel Adams The Negative, Little Brown & Co, 1995 (reprint)
Ansel Adams The Print, Little Brown & Co, 1995 (reprint)
Gerald Millerson, Lighting for Television and Film, Focal Press; ISBN: 024051582X

Psychology and the Visual Arts, Rudolf Arnheim


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