The Art and Science of Depiction -- Frédo Durand

Representation Systems

Wednesday, April 18. 2001


Cartography as a paradigm of image making. Projection, use of symbols, use of colors.
Introduction of representation systems and their separation into 3 main issues: the drawing system (including projection and perspective), the denotation system (ruling the dimensionality of primitive used) and the tone & color system.

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Assignments for Monday April 23

Chapters 7 of Solso's Cognition and the Visual Arts
Write a little summary or comment (1/2 page).

Picture comment or exploratory subject
Peer review & final essay

Project subject

Further Reading
Art and Representation, New Principles in the Analysis of Pictures, John Willats, Princeton Univ Pr; ISBN:0691087377, 1997
Cartography: Thematic Map Design, Borden D. Dent, WCB/McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 069722970X, 4th edition, 1996.

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