The Visibility Skeleton:
A Powerful And Efficient Multi-Purpose Global Visibility Tool

Frédo Durand, George Drettakis and Claude Puech



Figure 1

(a) Exact computation of the part of the left wall seen by the green vertex.

(b) Complete discontinuity mesh on the right wall when considering the computer screen as source.

Figure 13

(a) Part of the scene visible from a vertex of the airplane.

(b) Part of the floor seen by a vertex of the right-hand light source.

(c) List of occluding blockers between the left light source and the floor. Note that the objects on the table that are invisible from the floor are not reported as blockers.

Figure 14

(a)The complete discontinuity mesh with respect to the right source.

(b) Discontinuity mesh between the lamp and the table.

(c) Limits of the occlusions caused by a part of the plane between the computer screen and the right wall.