Designing Intelligent Robots:
Reintegrating AI II

AAAI Spring Symposium 2013
March 25th-27th, Stanford University

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The goal of building generally intelligent robots has been a motivating problem for generations of AI researchers, going back at least as far as Shakey the robot in in 1966. Creating such a robot is both the fully realized expression of the original impulse behind AI and an immensely rich source of research questions that address real-world problems.

However, AI is fragmented field: well-developed and largely independent research communities exist for learning, planning, reasoning, language, perception and control. Since the challenges posted by each of these subfields are immense, most researchers have found it necessary to devote their careers to specializing in a single subfield. While immense progress has been made in each of these subfields in the last few decades, it remains unclear how they can be integrated to produce an intelligent robot. Unifying these disparate technologies will open up new avenues of research and create new application opportunities. Therefore, we believe that integration should be considered a valid research endeavor in its own right.

Last year's successful Designing Intelligent Robots: Reintegrating AI 2012 Spring Symposium brought together a diverse and multidisciplinary group of researchers interested in the specific goal of designing intelligent robots, and provided a common ground for their diverse interests. This year's symposium aims to build on the momentum generated by the first meeting, and to further explore the important questions it raised. In particular, we hope to run a symposium focused on creating an explicit statement of criteria for high-quality integrative research, and to discuss potential benchmark and challenge problems to drive the intelligent robotics research agenda.