Greg Sullivan

Research Scientist, AI Lab, MIT

Ph.D., College of Computer Science, Northeastern University, 1996


Dynamo-RIO - Dynamic Native Optimization for Interpreters.

Model-Based Embedded and Robotic Systems research. (Nothing useful on that page yet, unless you're local to MIT).
The 2nd Lightweight Languages Workshop. November 9th, 2002, at MIT.
Dynamic Languages for Adaptive Software.
Follow this link for information on the seminar that Jonathan Bachrach and I have been running.
The GOF Design Patterns in a Dynamic OO Language
We present an exhaustive comparison of the 23 Design Patterns from the "Gang of Four" book in the original C++ and in GLOS, a library on top of Scheme.
Lightweight Languages Workshop (LL1)
Saturday, November 17th, 2001, at the AI Lab.
Aspect-Oriented Programming using Reflection, Dynamism, and Metaobject Protocols
The "crosscutting" functionality that AOP is concerned with can be programming directly using reflection, dynamism and MOP's.
Dynamic Partial Evaluation
A purely dynamic version of partial evaluation.
Dynamic Virtual Machine
A dynamic, reflective, higher-order, object-oriented virtual machine.
6.894 Object-Oriented Dynamic Languages, Spring 2001,
taught with Jonathan Bachrach and Kostas Arkoudas
Programming Languages Research in Boston
My list of interesting related local research groups.
Older Papers
for your reading pleasure.
an excellent programming language on which I worked for a while. I maintain a gateway between the comp.lang.dylan newsgroup and the mailing list.To subscribe, send mail to with a body of subscribe. Archives of the info-dylan/comp.lang.dylan list are here.


Family pictures (up to February, 2002).
Home, and work.
Comfort Hacking
written January, 2003.
by me and others.

Cabbie driving a new graduate
"Frightened by the real world? Hey, I understand.
I felt the same way when I got my doctorate.

Greg Sullivan
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
200 Technology Square, NE43-802
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617)253-5807 (voice)       (617)253-5060 (fax)

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