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Gregory Adam Marton

Nicknamed "Gremio", I currently work at as a software engineer at Google in New York City, doing sentiment analysis. Some recent published work from my group:

Contact me if you're interested in sentiment analysis or in question answering work, or generally if you want to come work at Google.

I studied Natural Language Understanding in the Infolab group at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, as a graduate student from Fall 2001 to Spring 2010. I will receive an Engineer in Computer Science degree in February 2011. And then I have a Ph.D. thesis to finish up some-time.


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Spring 2012



You might search for me under the names "Greg Marton", "Gregory Marton", "Gregory A. Marton", "
KB1NYR", "Marton Gergely" (Hungarian), "Santirix Gremionis" (from 9th grade!), "Gremio", "Grem", or even, if you truly don't like me, "Gremio Marton" or "Gregory Martin", or you might be looking for a gremio who wrote from,,,,,,, or some others, and while some of these names are more correct and relevant than others, I hope in any case that this disclaimer helped you find me. Thanks and props to Philip Resnik for the idea!

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