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Mohammad Haft-Javaherian

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Mohammad Haft-Javaherian is Bullock Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Wellman Center, Harvard Medical School and MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab, where he works with Brett Bouma and Polina Golland. He received his Ph.D. in Biomedical engineering from Cornell University, where he worked with Nozomi Nishimura and Chris Schaffer and had close collaboration with Mert Sabuncu .

Research Interests:

He develops rigorous and practical machine learning algorithms that fully automate analysis of intracoronary PS-OCT images to segment the vessel lumen and define the fibrous cap structure in addition to the atherosclerotic lesion detection and characterization. The developed algorithms and software yields powerful tools for enabling interventional cardiologists to improve coronary artery interventions by facilitating and rendering more rigorous OCT interpretation.

محمد هفت جواهریان