Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Spring Semester, 2008

Building mobile applications with Android

Also see the Fall 2008 version of the course.

Building Mobile Applications with Android was an experimental course offered in spring 08 by the EECS Department in cooperation with MIT's Information and Technology organization. The course was taught by EECS Professor Hal Abelson with the assistance of Andrew Yu, manager of IS&T's mobile devices platform project. The course focused on how to pick a project idea and rapidly bring it to fruition through the prototype phase.

Students worked in project teams. One noteworthy feature of the course was its use of mentors, professional application developers from the Boston-area software developer community who volunteered to work with the teams. We are deeply grateful to our team mentors: Eric Carlson, Rich Miner, Dave Mitchell, Joe Onorato, Steve Strassmann, and Raj Surati.

The class ended with a public presentation on May 9, was attended by the press, local industry, and technology venture funders. Here are videos of the presentations:

download (MPEG2, 1.8MB)
download (MPEG2, 2MB)
download (MPEG2, 1.6MB)
download (MPEG2, 1.9MB)
download (MPEG2, 1.5MB)
download (MPEG2, 1.92MB)

All the teams produced working applications, and performed at an extremely impressive level. One team -- Locale -- was a winner in the Google Android Deveoper Challenge, garnering prizes of $25,000 (for round 1) and then $275,000 (for round 2).

Here is some press coverage of the class: