The Institute for Program Structures and Data Organization at the University of Karlsruhe (Chair Prof. Tichy) generously provided 8x 500MHz DEC Alpha-21164a PC164 workstations for our exclusive use during a whole week in July 1998. Without these abundant computing resources the execution of our ``deep'' experiment with DARKTHOUGHT would have been much harder to undertake. The anonymous reviewers deserve due credits and sincere thanks for their valuable comments and suggestions which greatly helped to improve the initial submission. The first raw version of the Perl script that we employed for the automatic analysis of the experimental results of CRAFTY stems from one of the reviewers. Finally, we warmly thank Prof. van dan Herik (Editor-in-Chief) and the remaining editorial staff of the ICCA Journal for their superb work and kind cooperation which enabled the inclusion of some late additions and revisions in this article.

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