Final Standings of 13th WMCC

Rk = final rank, Pts = overall points, SOP = sum of opponents' points, Rx = results of each round.

Rk Pts SOP Program R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11
1 8.0 70.5 MCHESS w18+ b20+ w11+ b13= w19= b17+ w06+ b03- b02= w07+ b04=
2 8.0 67.5 GENIUS b14+ w03- b29+ w26- b12+ b11+ w27+ b13+ w01= w06+ b07=
3 7.5 68.0 FERRET w33+ b02+ w19- b27+ w10+ w16= b13+ w01+ b06- b04= w09=
4 7.5 65.5 NIMZO b06- w28+ b14= w07- b23+ b20+ w26+ w16+ b17+ w03= w01=
5 7.5 64.0 VIRTUALCHESS b23= w08- b18= b30+ w20+ b10= w17+ w09= b16+ b13= w06+
6 7.0 73.0 QUEST w04+ b10+ w27+ b19+ b16= w13= b01- w07+ w03+ b02- b05-
7 7.0 71.0 DarkThought w15= b21+ w13- b04+ b14+ w19+ b16+ b06- w08+ b01- w02=
8 7.0 66.0 THEKING w21= b05+ b16- w18+ b17- w14+ b11= w10+ b07- w22+ w13+
9 7.0 61.5 HIARCS b27+ w11- b26- w22= b18= w29+ w25+ b05= w19+ b10+ b03-
10 6.5 65.5 KALLISTO b32+ w06- b12+ w23+ b03- w05= b19+ b08- w26+ w09- b22+
11 6.5 65.0 GANDALF w25+ b09+ b01- w17- b29+ w02- w08= b27+ w13- b26+ w16+
12 6.5 58.5 JUNIOR w29+ b27- w10- b28+ w02- w22+ b14= b26- w23+ w17+ b19+
13 6.0 74.0 SHREDDER b16= w17+ b07+ w01= b26+ b06= w03- w02- b11+ w05= b08-
14 6.0 58.0 BOBBY w02- b33+ w04= b24+ w07- b08- w12= b22- w34+ w27+ b28+
15 6.0 54.5 XXXX b07= w16- b17- w31+ b22= w21- b28= b30+ w25+ w19= b26+
16 5.5 72.0 SCHACH w13= b15+ w08+ b20+ w06= b03= w07- b04- w05- b21+ b11-
17 5.5 70.0 ISICHESS w22= b13- w15+ b11+ w08+ w01- b05- b24+ w04- b12- w20+
18 5.5 60.0 AMY b01- w30+ w05= b08- w09= w28+ b21- b25= w24- w31+ b32+
19 5.0 65.0 CHEIRON b34+ w26+ b03+ w06- b01= b07- w10- w21+ b09- b15= w12-
20 5.0 62.5 MEPHISTO b28+ w01- b25+ w16- b05- w04- b29+ b23= w21= w24+ b17-
21 5.0 59.5 DRAGON b08= w07- w22= w25+ w27- b15+ w18+ b19- b20= w16- b30=
22 5.0 59.0 CENTAUR b17= w23- b21= b09= w15= b12- w34+ w14+ b27+ b08- w10-
23 5.0 54.5 COMET w05= b22+ w24= b10- w04- b25- b33= w20= b12- w32+ b34+
24 5.0 51.0 ALPHA b26- w32+ b23= w14- b28- b31+ w30+ w17- b18+ b20- w29=
25 5.0 50.0 STOBOR b11- w34+ w20- b21- w32+ w23+ b09- w18= b15- b33= w31+
26 4.5 68.5 CHESSSYS.TAL w24+ b19- w09+ b02+ w13- b27= b04- w12+ b10- w11- w15-
27 4.5 63.0 ZEUS b30+ w12+ b06- w03- b21+ w26= b02- w11- w22- b14- w33+
28 4.5 51.5 MIRAGE w20- b04- b32+ w12- w24+ b18- w15= b31- b33+ w34+ w14-
29 4.0 52.0 DIOGENES b12- w31+ w02- b33+ w11- b09- w20- b34+ w32= b30- b24=
30 4.5 47.5 GROMIT w27- b18- b34+ w05- b33= w32+ b24- w15- b31- w29+ w21=
31 3.5 47.5 NIGHTMARE w09- b29- w33= b15- b34+ w24- b32- w28+ w30+ b18- b25-
32 3.5 46.0 BREAKTHRGH. w10- b24- w28- w34+ b25- b30- w31+ w33+ b29= b23- w18-
33 3.0 47.5 FRANCESCA b03- w14- b31= w29- w30= b34+ w23= b32- w28- w25= b27-
34 0.0 48.5 ANANSE w19- b25- w30- b32- w31- w33- b22- w29- b14- b28- w23-

MCHESS became World Microcomputer-Chess Champion 1995 by winning the playoff against GENIUS.

Created by Ernst A. Heinz, Thu Dec 16 23:28:11 EST 1999