picHsin-Hao Su

Email: hsinhao [at] csail [dot] mit [dot] edu

I am a postdoc associate in the Theory of Distributed Systems group at MIT, supervised by Nancy Lynch.
Before coming to MIT in September 2015, I obtained my Ph.D. from University of Michigan.
My thesis advisor was Seth Pettie. My thesis,
Algorithms for Fundamental Problems in Computer Networks,
has received The 2016 Principle of Distributed Computing Dissertation Award for contributions
to fundamental problems in distributed graph algorithms (a.k.a. network algorithms).
My research is in using theoretical tools to solve problems from distributed settings, such as problems
arising from large-scale distributed networks and biological systems. One of most fundamental problems
is the coloring problems in the distributed setting, where we have made interesting progress.

Also, I am interested in developing more efficient algorithms for classic combinatorial optimization problems
such as matchings and minimum cuts in both distributed and centralized settings.d
See my [research statement
] for more details.

In Fall 2017, I will be joining the faculty at UNC Charlotte as an assistant professor
in the Department of Computer Science