descriptionPyAudio: PortAudio v19 Python bindings for cross-platform audio.
ownerHubert Pham
last changeThu, 12 Jan 2017 04:03:43 +0000
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9 days ago Hubert PhamVersion bump. master v0.2.10
10 days ago Hubert PhamUpdate references to examples and tests.
10 days ago Hubert PhamMerge branch 'gil-fix'
10 days ago Hubert PhamTests: remove dependence on scipy.
10 days ago Hubert PhamRelease the GIL before PortAudio stream calls.
10 days ago Hubert PhamMinor fix on int type to fix compiler warnings.
11 days ago Hubert PhamAdd tests to detect potential sources of deadlock.
12 days ago Hubert PhamRelease GIL when calling Pa_{Open,Start}Stream.
12 days ago Hubert PhamMerge branch 'unittests'
12 days ago Hubert PhamAdd duration for wire callback example.
12 days ago Hubert PhamAdd loopback-based tests.
12 days ago Hubert PhamSkip overflow tests on GNU/Linux ALSA.
2016-12-25 Hubert PhamRename test -> examples.
2016-12-25 Hubert PhamAdd unit tests.
2015-10-18 Hubert PhamVersion bump. v0.2.9
2015-10-18 Hubert PhamUpdate and cleanup.
9 days ago v0.2.10 Release v0.2.10.
15 months ago v0.2.9 Release v0.2.9.
2 years ago debian/0.2.8-1
2 years ago bdist/0.2.8-1
2 years ago v0.2.8
4 years ago bdist/0.2.7-1
4 years ago v0.2.7
4 years ago debian/0.2.6-1
4 years ago v0.2.6
6 years ago debian/0.2.4-1
6 years ago bdist/0.2.4-1
6 years ago v0.2.4
6 years ago v0.2.3 v0.2.3
6 years ago v0.2.0 v0.2.0.
46 hours ago debian
9 days ago master
14 months ago _debian_test
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