RESEARCH INTERESTS: I am investigating people's behavior with respect to privacy issues that arise from today's technologies.
My research aims to understand why people willingly to share their personal information either directly (i.e. consciously posting information online) or indirectly (i.e. granting access to services or apps). I focus in particular on investigating the perceived concern (or more often lack of concern) about possible harms and risks resulting from information sharing behavior.

My research often involves longitudinal in-the-wild experiments aimed at collecting in-situ actions in order to examine realistic usage and extrapolate people's privacy behaviors. I aim to understand the circumstances under which we should help people to safeguard their information, with the goal that my research should help guide the development of policies and regulations.

KEYWORDS: Privacy, Human Computer Interection, User Experience, Public Policy.
32 Vassar Street, 32-G504
Cambridge, 02139, MA, USA

MIT STUDENTS: UAP, SuperUrop and MEng students look at my recent publications to see if you would be interested in a project bridging Privacy and HCI.

OTHERS: I am always interested to work with people both inside and outside MIT, if interested please email me.

I know where you live
It is easy for people to find out where you work or live by visualizing location data using pen and paper or tools that require little to no technical skills.
ACM CHI 2016 Honorable Mention
Privacy Tipping Points
The more information is given about the WHO and WHY of data access, the less likely people are to share their data. Even non-explanatory notices alert people of unwanted access.
ACM CHI 2015
No Technical Information Required
When people can easily navigate the complexity of permissions especially the ones that could leak their private data, they tend to choose apps with less access.

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Best of CHI Honorable Mention
SELECTED PRESS COVERAGE: MIT News, Daily Mail (UK), Republica (Italia), The financial express.
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Best of CHI: People merit choice award
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Best Technical Poster
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British Computer Society Award
INVITED TALK: How to foster the progress of Transparency.
Date: 2017, Dec. 11th-12th.
INVITED TALK: Respondent to Cristina Ricupero | Don’t believe a word I say.
Event: ACT - MIT Program in art, culture and technology:
Date: 2017, Sep 25th.
NPR BOSTON RADIO INTERVIEW: Protecting Online Data After Repeal Of Internet Privacy Regulations
Date: 2017, March 29th.
TALK: Privacy and People - What could we regulate to safeguard people's privacy?
Event: Discussion with MEPs (Members of European Parliament).
Date: 2017, February 20th.
PANEL: Forum on Data Privacy Convened by the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office
Panelists: Latanya Sweeney (Harvard), Ilaria Liccardi (MIT), Catherine Tucker (MIT), John Moore (Twine Health), Carol Rose (ACLU of Massachusetts) and Dipayan Ghosh (Facebook); Moderator: Daniel J. Weitzner (MIT).
Date: 2016, March 24th.
PRESS COVERAGE: TechTarget Network, State AG Insights, Boston Business Journal.
TALK: Social Privacy - Do people care about their own privacy?
Event: Discussion with European Data Protection Supervisor Giovanni Buttarelli.
Date: 2016, March 19th.
TALK: Privacy Tipping Points - When do people make privacy based decisions?
Event: Discussion with European Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip.
Date: 2016, March 10th.
I am a research scientist at MIT. I am part of the Internet Policy Research Initiative at CSAIL.
Previously I was a Marie Curie Fellow with the Decentralized Information Group (2012-2014) at CSAIL, MIT and with the Oxford e-Research Center (2014-2015) at University of Oxford.
I also worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Microsoft Research INRIA Joint Center (2010-2012). I received a Ph.D and an MEng in computer science from the University of Southampton (UK) in 2010 and 2005 respectively.
Jan. 06 - Feb. 10: Ph.D in Computer Science
Sep. 08 - Dec. 08: Visiting Graduate Student, CSAIL
Sep. 02 - June 05: MEng in Computer
Science [First Class]