About Me

Hello! I am a Ph.D. student at MIT CSAIL, working with David Sontag in the Clinical Machine Learning group. I am president of Graduate Women in Course 6.

Prior to MIT, I worked at Dropbox as a Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist. I graduated from Harvard with a joint AB/SM in Applied Math and Computational Engineering where I researched with Michael Luca and Ben Edelman.

You can email me at iychen [at] mit [dot] edu

Research Interests

My research focuses on machine learning and its applications to solving important real-world problems including healthcare and fairness. In particular, I am curious about approximation techniques, intepretative and useful learning, and all things related to graphical models.


Current research projects include

  1. Fairness in machine learning: how can we provide theoretical bounds on the amount of discrimination in a mechanism through either faulty data or a biased algorithm?
  2. Congestive Heart Failure: what are the different stages and subtypes of heart failure? Can we identify causal information in observational data? In collaboration with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.
  3. Health Knowledge Graph: how can we build a structure to capture causal information on symptoms and diseases? Can we capture and quantify error in the model?


The more that you read, the more things you will know,
the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go

I am passionate about teaching, particularly through expanding access to education. At Harvard, I was awarded the Derek Bok Center Certificate of Distinction in Teaching for outstanding teaching evaluations.

I have served as a Teaching Fellow or Course Assistant for the following Harvard classes.

Year Class Title Professor
2011 Linear Algebra and Real Analysis I Paul Bamberg
2011 Microeconomic Theory Ed Glaeser
2012 Linear Algebra and Real Analysis II Paul Bamberg
2012 Multivariable Calculus Evelyn Hu, Avi Shapiro
2013 Differential Equations Margo Levine, Avi Shapiro
2014 Algorithms and Data Structures Michael Mitzenmacher

Website credit

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