(R) Color Standards and Color Nomenclature

Color Standards and Color Nomenclature

absinthe green120
acajou red19
acetin blue 173-204
ackermann's green145
aconite violet223
ageratum violet223
alice blue185
alizarine blue182
alizarine pink23
amaranth pink248
amaranth purple256
amber brown55
amber yellow 83848687
american green136
amethyst violet216
amparo blue195
amparo purple217218
andover green122
aniline black229234
aniline lilac210
aniline yellow85
anthracene green164165
anthracene purple229259
anthracene violet211
antimony yellow71
antique brown5558
antique green150151
antwerp blue182183186
apple green117
apricot buff53
apricot orange53
apricot yellow84
argus brown58
argyle purple241
army brown5861
artemesia green155
asphodel green120
aster purple256
auricula purple259
azurite blue200
barium yellow101102
baryta yellow86
begonia rose27
benzo brown456061
benzol green160
berlin blue183
beryl blue171
beryl green159
bice green120
biscay green120
bishop's purple241
bittersweet orange37
bittersweet pink53
blackish green-blue174
blackish green-gray267
blackish mouse-gray64266
blackish plumbeous192
blackish purple242243
blackish red-purple259
blackish slate266
blackish violet211212215
blackish violet-gray234266
blanc's blue182
blanc's violet215228229
blue-violet black234266
bluish black187188
bluish glaucous148162
bluish gray-green149150
bluish lavender210
bluish slate-black183187
bluish violet194205
bone brown6164
bottle green146
bradley's blue176
bradley's violet206207210211
brazil red38
bremen blue172
brick red43
bright chalcedony yellow116119
bright green-yellow115
brownish drab4560
brownish olive95
brownish vinaceous18
brussels brown58
buckthorn brown74
buff-pink or buff pink29
buffy brown 7677
buffy citrine94
buff-yellow or buff yellow8687
buffy olive106
burn blue180181198199
burnt lake242
burnt sienna40
burnt umber46
cacao brown42
cadet blue178182
cadet gray185
cadmium orange4850
cadmium yellow5068
calamine blue171172
calla green107
calliste green117
cameo brown4346
cameo pink246249
capri blue 173
capucine buff 707173
capucine orange 53
capucine yellow 68
carnelian red35
carob brown44
carrot red37
cartridge buff89
castor gray155265
cedar green120125
celandine green149
cendre blue168
cendre green130
cerulean blue178
chaetura black81
chaetura drab64
chalcedony yellow101
chapman's blue182
chartreuse yellow101
chatenay pink529
chessylite blue173174182186
chicory blue199210
china blue182
chinese violet223
chromium green120
chrysolite green120
chrysopraise green135
citron green102105
citron yellow9899101102
civette green136
claret brown43
clay color747794
clear cadet blue177178
clear dull green-yellow116117119120
clear fluorite green135
clear green-blue gray185191
clear payne's gray 186191
clear windsor blue199
clear yellow-green116
clove brown81
cobalt green144
colonial buff86
columbia blue181182
commelina blue194
congo pink2629
coral pink26
coral red37
corinthian pink5
corinthian purple259
corinthian red19
cornflower blue194
corydalis green119121
cossack green125127
cosse green117
cotinga purple219223
courge green120
court gray148
court grey 148
cream buff8687
cream color86
cress green120125
cyanine blue200
dahlia carmine259
dahlia purple259
daphne pink248251
daphne red258
dark american green137150151
dark aniline blue187229
dark anthracene violet224229
dark bluish glaucous144149
dark bluish gray-green150151164165
dark bluish violet211212215
dark cadet blue182204
dark chessylite blue174182183186
dark cinnabar green164
dark citrine107
dark corinthian purple259
dark cress green125
dark delft blue183187
dark diva blue196200
dark dull bluish violet211215
dark dull bluish violet215
dark dull bluish violet224
dark dull violet-blue204215
dark dull violet-blue215
dark dull yellow-green125127
dark glaucous-gray150
dark grayish blue-green156266
dark grayish blue-violet215
dark grayish brown1923
dark grayish lavender214
dark grayish olive113
dark green137150151
dark green-blue gray186
dark green-blue slate183187
dark greenish glaucous135136
dark greenish olive107110
dark gull gray266
dark heliotrope gray228
dark heliotrope slate229234
dark hyssop violet224228
dark indian red1920
dark ivy green127
dark lavender222
dark livid brown19
dark livid purple229259
dark madder blue186204
dark madder violet224229
dark maroon purple242
dark medici blue192
dark mineral red 1920
dark mouse gray 64266
dark naphthalene violet 229242
dark neutral gray266
dark nigrosin violet224
dark olive110
dark olive-buff91
dark olive-gray110113
dark orient blue186
dark payne's gray187192
dark perilla purple259
dark plumbago blue214227
dark plumbago gray228233234
dark plumbago slate234
dark plumbeous192
dark porcelain green150
dark purple-drab228
dark purplish gray234266
dark quaker drab234
dark russian green150151
dark slate-purple242
dark slate-violet 234
dark slate-violet 228
dark soft blue-violet200211
dark soft bluish violet211
dark sulphate green164
dark terre verte150
dark tyrian blue186204
dark varley's gray234
dark vinaceous19
dark vinaceous-brown19
dark vinaceous-drab1923
dark vinaceous-gray228
dark vinaceous-purple259
dark violet211
dark violet-gray234266
dark violet-slate186
dark viridian green145
dark yellowish green137
dark yvette violet229
dark zinc green145
dauphin's violet211
dawn gray190264
deep aniline lilac177
deep blue-violet194205
deep bluish glaucous162
deep bluish gray-green150164
deep brownish drab61
deep brownish vinaceous19
deep cadet blue182
deep chicory blue206
deep chrome68
deep chrysolite green120
deep colonial buff87
deep corinthian red19
deep delft blue186
deep dull bluish violet207211
deep dull bluish violet203204214215
deep dull bluish violet211
deep dull lavender227
deep dull violaceous blue200
deep dull violet-blue211
deep dutch blue186203
deep glaucous-gray191
deep glaucous-green144
deep grape green120122
deep grayish blue-green150
deep grayish lavender 214227
deep grayish olive113
deep green-blue gray186
deep greenish glaucous143
deep gull gray265
deep heliotrope gray 228
deep hyssop violet223
deep lavender210
deep lavender-blue195
deep lichen green135
deep livid brown19
deep livid purple259
deep madder blue204
deep malachite green136
deep medici blue191
deep mouse gray 64265266
deep neutral gray266
deep olive107110
deep olive-buff90
deep olive-gray112
deep orient blue186
deep payne's gray186
deep plumbago blue227
deep plumbago gray233
deep plumbeous186191
deep purplish gray234
deep purplish vinaceous262
deep quaker drab234
deep rose pink247
deep sea-foam green 119
deep slate-blue186
deep slate-green156
deep slate-olive156
deep slate-violet228
deep slaty brown229
deep soft blue-violet200211
deep soft bluish violet207
deep turtle green131136
deep varley's gray228234
deep vinaceous6
deep vinaceous-gray228
deep vinaceous-lavender244253
deep violet-gray233234265266
deep violet-plumbeous 204
deep wedgewood blue195
delft blue186
diamin-azo blue215229
diamine brown46
diamine green145146
diva blue195196
dragons-blood red38
dresden brown77
duck green151
dull blackish green151
dull blue-green black187188193
dull blue-violet196206207
dull blue-violet211
dull bluish violet206207
dull bluish violet210211
dull bluish violet207211
dull citrine106107
dull dark purple237238241
dull dusky purple229242
dull greenish black 156266
dull greenish black 156266
dull green-yellow117
dull indian purple262
dull lavender253
dull magenta purple237
dull opaline green148
dull purplish black234
dull violaceous blue196
dull violet-black 234
dull violet-black 187192
dull violet-black 229234266267
dull violet-blue196
dull violet-blue211
dusky auricula purple242
dusky blue204
dusky blue-green151
dusky blue-violet215
dusky blue-violet212229
dusky bluish green156
dusky brown 229234
dusky drab64
dusky dull bluish green151
dusky dull green151156
dusky dull violet 224
dusky dull violet 223224228
dusky dull violet-blue 215
dusky green150151
dusky green-blue 165174186
dusky green-blue 186187
dusky green-gray266
dusky greenish blue179182183
dusky neutral gray266
dusky olive-green127
dusky orient blue186
dusky purplish gray229234266267
dusky slate-blue187
dusky slate-violet229234
dusky violet229
dusky violet-blue 204215
dusky violet-blue 187
dusky yellowish green127
dutch blue185203
elm green125127
emerald green130
empire green150151
empire yellow83
endive blue199203
english red38
eosine pink3
ethyl green160164
eton blue182
etruscan red19
eugenia red15
eupatorium purple240241
fawn color455760
flame scarlet 34
flax-flower blue 195
flesh color5
flesh-ochre 53
flesh pink2829
fluorite green136
fluorite violet224
forest green120125
forget-me-not blue195
french gray185190
french green145
garnet brown13
gendarme blue182
gentian blue196
geranium pink327
glass green119
gnaphalium green148149
grass green120
grayish blue-green150
grayish blue-violet 196200207211
grayish blue-violet 199
grayish lavender227
grayish olive109
grayish violaceous blue199
grayish violet-blue210211
green-blue slate186
greenish glaucous148
greenish glaucous-blue163
greenish slate-black151156266267
greenish yellow99
grenadine pink26
grenadine red 34
guinea green160
gull gray265
haematite red46
haematoxylin violet223
hair brown64
hathi gray154155264265
hay's blue196
hay's brown1946
hay's green136137
hay's lilac222
hay's maroon20
hay's russet43
heliotrope gray227228
heliotrope slate228
hellebore red258
helvetia blue196
hermosa pink2
hessian brown4647
honey yellow8788
hortense blue182
hortense violet217
hyacinth blue197211
hyacinth violet219
hydrangea pink2829
hydrangea red19
hyssop violet223
indian lake258262
indian purple229259
indian red19
indigo blue183186187204
indulin blue204
invisible green151165
iron gray113
isabella color91
italian blue169
ivory yellow89
ivy green107110
jade green125127
japan rose29
jasper green145
jasper pink32627
jasper red15
javel green102
jay blue 182199
jouvence blue164173
kaiser brown55
kildare green120
killarney green 136
king's blue181
kronberg's green106107
laelia pink240248
la france pink1
leaf green127
leitch's blue178
lemon chrome84
lemon yellow9899
lettuce green120
lichen green148
light alice blue181185
light amparo blue177
light amparo purple217
light bice green120
light blue-green140144
light blue-violet194
light bluish violet195196206
light brownish drab60
light brownish olive94
light brownish vinaceous8
light buff7389
light cadet blue177
light cadmium82
light campanula blue195
light celandine green154155
light cendre green130135
light cerulean blue181
light chalcedony yellow101
light chicory blue210
light cinnamon-drab4560
light columbia blue181
light congo pink2829
light coral red37
light corinthian red6
light cress green120
light danube green145
light drab79
light dull bluish violet210
light dull glaucous-blue172185
light dull green-yellow119
light elm green120
light fluorite green119
light forget-me-not blue 181
light glaucous-blue171
light grape green120
light grayish blue-violet181199
light grayish olive109112
light grayish vinaceous32
light grayish violet-blue195
light greenish yellow9899
light green-yellow101
light gull gray264
light heliotrope gray227
light hellebore green120122
light hortense violet217
light hyssop violet210
light jasper red315
light king's blue184185
light lavender-blue199
light lavender-violet210
light lobelia violet222
light lumiere green119
light mallow purple248
light mauve210
light medici blue186
light methyl blue 177178
light mineral gray 154
light mouse gray 63
light neropalin blue185
light neutral gray265
light niagara green163
light ochraceous-buff71
light ochraceous-salmon73
light olive-gray93
light orange-yellow7184
light oriental green135
light paris green135
light payne's gray185191
light perilla purple241245
light phlox purple248
light pinkish cinnamon2829
light pinkish lilac249
light plumbago gray233
light porcelain green163164
light purple-drab228
light purplish gray233265
light purplish vinaceous5
light quaker drab 233
light rosolane purple248
light russet-vinaceous42
light salmon-orange53
light seal brown23
light sky blue185
light soft blue-violet195206
light squill blue181
light sulphate green163
light terre verte164
light turtle green119
light tyrian blue186203204
light varley's gray227
light vinaceous-cinnamon73
light vinaceous-drab19
light vinaceous-fawn3233
light vinaceous-gray227232233253
light vinaceous-lilac240244250253
light vinaceous-purple245
light violet195206
light violet-blue196
light violet-gray233265
light violet-plumbeous 185186203
light viridine green119
light viridine yellow101
light windsor blue199
light wistaria blue 199210
light wistaria violet210
light yellow-green116119
light yellowish olive103
lilac gray232
lily green155
lime green102103106
lincoln green127
liseran purple237240241248
litho purple218219223
liver brown43
livid brown19
livid pink4578
livid purple241
livid violet223228
lobelia violet222
lumiere blue163172
lumiere green119120
lyons blue178
madder blue214228
madder brown19
madder violet224
mahogany red43
maize yellow86
malachite green135
mallow pink247
mallow purple236248
manganese violet218
marguerite yellow89
marine blue182
mars brown58
mars orange3738
mars violet229
mars yellow6972
martius yellow101
massicot yellow8689
mathew's blue178
mathew's purple218223
mazarine blue177181
meadow green136
medal bronze95
medici blue191
methyl blue 176
methyl green 160164
microcline green 162
mignonette green 106
mikado brown 57
mikado orange 50
mineral gray 122
mineral green 117
mineral red 19
montpellier green 144145
morocco red 43
motmot blue 173
motmot green 131136
mouse gray 63
mulberry purple 219224
mummy brown 78
munich lake 1112
mustard yellow 84
myrtle green 165
mytho green 120122
naphthalene violet 242
naphthalene yellow 101104
naples yellow 86
natal brown61
navy blue200204
neropalin blue181
neutral gray265
neutral red259262
neuvider green135
neva green116
niagara green149163
nickel green145150
night green115
nigrosin blue204
nigrosin violet 224
nile blue163
nopal red12
ocher red19
oil green120
old burgundy21
old gold8894
old rose15
olive-brown 80
olive-gray 109112
olive green107
olive lake91106
olive-yellow 102
olympic blue178
onion-skin pink2953
ontario violet210
opaline green119121
orange-buff 71
orange chrome48
orange-rufous 51
orange-vinaceous 326
oriental green136
orient blue182186
orient pink26
oural green134135
ox-blood red 13
oxide blue178182
pale amaranth pink247
pale amparo blue184185
pale amparo purple222
pale aniline lilac180181
pale blue171184
pale blue-green148
pale blue-violet195
pale bluish lavender 213226
pale bluish violet195
pale brownish drab10
pale brownish vinaceous78
pale cadet blue181185199203
pale campanula blue198199
pale cendre green119121
pale cerulean blue180181
pale chalcedony yellow104
pale cinnamon-pink28293133
pale congo pink28293132
pale drab-gray263264
pale dull glaucous-blue184185
pale dull green-yellow119
pale ecru-drab10
pale flesh color2829
pale fluorite green148
pale glass green119121
pale glaucous-blue171184
pale glaucous-green 148
pale grayish blue184202
pale grayish blue-violet202
pale grayish vinaceous103132
pale grayish violet-blue199
pale green-blue gray185
pale greenish yellow101102
pale green-yellow101104
pale gull gray264
pale hortense violet221222
pale king's blue213
pale laelia pink 249250
pale lavender-violet222227
pale lemon yellow98
pale lilac252
pale lobelia violet226227
pale lumiere green119
pale mauve226
pale mazarine blue184185202203
pale medici blue185190191
pale methyl blue 181
pale mouse gray 6393
pale neropalin blue184
pale neutral gray265
pale niagara green148
pale nile blue162
pale ochraceous-buff28
pale ochraceous-salmon7389
pale olive-buff89
pale olive-gray9293
pale olivine148
pale orange-yellow707183848687
pale payne's gray185
pale persian lilac250
pale pinkish buff73
pale pinkish cinnamon73
pale purple-drab253
pale purplish gray233
pale purplish vinaceous45
pale quaker drab232233
pale rhodonite pink249
pale rose-purple 222
pale rosolane purple248
pale russian blue184
pale salmon color73
pale smoke gray93
pale soft blue-violet199210
pale sulphate green163
pale tiber green119
pale turquoise green162
pale turtle green119121
pale varley's gray 214227
pale verbena violet209
pale veronese green119121
pale vinaceous5
pale vinaceous-drab8101822
pale vinaceous-fawn10313233
pale vinaceous-lilac249252
pale vinaceous-pink3132
pale violet199210
pale violet-blue177
pale violet-gray233265
pale violet-plumbeous 185203
pale viridine yellow101104
pale windsor blue181199
pale wistaria blue209210
pale wistaria violet210214
pale yellow-green119
pale yellow-orange28
pallid blue-violet198199
pallid bluish violet198199209210
pallid brownish drab10
pallid grayish violet-blue199203
pallid methyl blue 180
pallid mouse gray 10264
pallid neutral gray264
pallid purple-drab232253
pallid purplish gray 232
pallid quaker drab232
pallid soft blue-violet 198199209210
pallid vinaceous-drab232252
pallid violet198199202203209210213214
pallid violet-blue198199
pansy purple259
pansy violet218
paris blue178179
paris green135
parrot green120
parula blue185186
patent blue174
payne's gray186
peach red37
peacock blue169
peacock green120
pea green155
pearl blue202203
pearl gray264
pecan brown57
perilla purple259
persian blue184185
persian lilac251
petunia violet219
phenyl blue194
phlox pink222
phlox purple237
picric yellow98
pinard yellow8386
pinkish buff2829
pinkish cinnamon7176
pinkish vinaceous29
pistachio green136
pleroma violet206207
plumbago blue214227
plumbago gray233
plumbeous black 187267
plum purple212
pois green122
pompeian red15
porcelain blue172
porcelain green164
primrose yellow101
primuline yellow84
prout's brown58
prune purple224
prussian blue178182
prussian green165
prussian red19
puritan gray191
purplish gray228234
purplish lilac240250
purplish vinaceous18
pyrite yellow103
quaker drab233265
rainette green120
raisin black229
raisin purple242
ramier blue214215228
raw sienna7274
reed yellow102
rejane green135136
rhodamine purple254
rhodonite pink251
rinnemann's green120
rivage green119120
rocellin purple248251
roman green107
rood's blue176
rood's brown455758
rood's lavender227
rood's violet238
rose color248254
rose doree 27
rose pink249
rose-purple 217
rose red11
roslyn blue197200211
rosolane pink246249
rosolane purple255
royal purple211
russian blue184185
russian green150
saccardo's olive9495
saccardo's slate192
saccardo's umber8095
saccardo's violet218223
safrano pink26
sage green149
sailor blue196
salmon-buff 7173
salmon color295253
salvia blue194
sanford's brown54
sanford's brown55
sayal brown7477
scarlet-red 11
scheele's green117120
schoenfeld's purple256
sea-foam green 104
sea-foam yellow 101104
sea green164
seal brown2346
seashell pink313373
serpentine green106
shamrock green136
shell pink3132
shrimp pink2829
skobeloff green160
sky blue181
sky gray184
slate-blue 204
slate color266
slate-violet 229234
slate-violet 228
smalt blue194
smoke gray9093
snuff brown7780
soft blue-violet206
soft bluish violet207
sooty black266
sorghum brown46
sorrento green164
spectrum blue176
spectrum red11
spectrum violet207
spinach green120
spinel pink255
spinel red255
squill blue181
stone green136
storm gray155
strawberry pink37
straw yellow86
strontian yellow 99
sudan brown555774
sulphate green163164
sulphine yellow88
sulphur yellow101104
taupe brown229
tea green122
terra cotta39
terre verte150
thulite pink247
tiber green135
tourmaline pink237248
turquoise green163
turtle green120
tyrian blue186204
tyrian pink237
tyrian rose254
tyrolite green163
ultramarine ash178
ultramarine blue176
urania blue212215229
vanderpoel's blue178182
vanderpoel's green116117
vanderpoel's violet210
vandyke brown5861
vandyke red19
variscite green143
varley's gray228
varley's green137
venetian blue178
venetian pink26
venice green159
verbena violet214
verdigris green144
vernonia purple262
verona brown58
veronese green119120
vetiver green120122
victoria lake1617
vinaceous-purple 258262
vinaceous-purple 245
violet carmine 259
violet-purple 216
violet ultramarine196207
viridian green140141
viridine green116
viridine yellow99102
vivid green140
wall green164
walnut brown4346
warbler green106
warm blackish brown 2023
warm buff 717387
warm sepia 61
water green121
wax yellow84
wedgewood blue180181198199
windsor blue200
winter green136
wistaria blue195206
wistaria violet206
wood brown7679
xanthine orange51
yale blue181
yellow green116
yellowish citrine103
yellowish glaucous121
yellowish oil green106
yellowish olive106107
yellow ochre72
yew green125
yvette violet215
zinc green145
zinc orange5053