index name arity domain defaulter expander documentation
uint symbol parameter-arity domain expression expression string
parameter-arity *domains-data*
number symbol symbol atom expression expression string
20 batch-port nary expression port batch file will be written to.
19 c-includes nary expression library induced defines for C
18 c-defines nary expression #defines for C
17 scm-libdir single filename (lambda (pl) (list (implementation-vicinity))) directory path for files in the manifest
16 scm-srcdir single filename (lambda (pl) (list (user-vicinity))) directory path for files in the manifest
15 linker-options nary string command-line linker options
14 compiler-options nary string command-line compiler options
13 who optional expression name of buildfile
12 batch-dialect single batch-dialect (lambda (pl) '(default-for-platform)) scripting language
11 what single build-whats (lambda (pl) '(exe))
(lambda (rdb)
  (let* ((bwt ((rdb 'open-table) 'build-whats #f))
         (getclass (bwt 'get 'class))
         (getspec (bwt 'get 'spec))
           (((rdb 'open-table) 'manifest #f) 'get* 'file)))
    (lambda (what)
      `((c-file ,@(getfile #f 'c-source (getclass what)))
        ,@(or (getspec what) '())))))
what to build
10 features nary features (lambda (pl) '(arrays inexact bignums))
(lambda (rdb)
  (((rdb 'open-table) 'features #f) 'get 'spec))
features to include
9 compiled-init nary string later initialization calls
8 init nary string initialization calls
7 o-file nary filename other object files
6 c-file nary filename C source files
5 implvic single string (lambda (pl) (list "")) implementation vicinity
4 define nary string #define FLAG
3 c-lib nary c-libraries (lambda (pl) '(c)) C library (and include files)
2 target-name single string (lambda (pl) '("scm")) base name of target
1 platform single platform (lambda (pl) (list batch:platform)) what to build it for