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3.3 SLIB Logical Procedures

The following bitwise procedures in the scheme library file logical.scm are compiled directly to fast C operations on immediate integers (small 30-bit integers) (Scheme library funs in the upper row, C ops below):

        logand logior logxor lognot logsleft logsright
           &      |     ^      ~       <<        >>

The following alternative names logical:logand, logical:logior, logical:logxor, logical:lognot, and ash are compiled for the generic case, not immediate-integers-only and are thus much slower.

Notice that the procedures logsleft, logsright are NOT in the the library file logical.scm: the universal procedure ash is instead. Procedures ash, logcount, integer-length, integer-expt, bit-extract, ipow-by-squaring, in logical.scm are not primtives and they are all compiled into calls to interpreted code.

logsleft and logsright are defined for non-compiled use in the file scmhob.scm included in the SCM distribution.