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6.2.5 Automatic C Preprocessor Definitions

These ‘#defines’ are automatically provided by preprocessors of various C compilers. SCM uses the presence or absence of these definitions to configure include file locations and aliases for library functions. If the definition(s) corresponding to your system type is missing as your system is configured, add -Dflag to the compilation command lines or add a #define flag line to scmfig.h or the beginning of scmfig.h.

#define         Platforms:
-------         ----------
ARM_ULIB        Huw Rogers free unix library for acorn archimedes
AZTEC_C         Aztec_C 5.2a
__CYGWIN__      Cygwin
__CYGWIN32__    Cygwin
_DCC            Dice C on AMIGA
__GNUC__        Gnu CC (and DJGPP)
__EMX__         Gnu C port (gcc/emx 0.8e) to OS/2 2.0
__HIGHC__       MetaWare High C
__IBMC__        C-Set++ on OS/2 2.1
_MSC_VER        MS VisualC++ 4.2
MWC             Mark Williams C on COHERENT
__MWERKS__      Metrowerks Compiler; Macintosh and WIN32 (?)
_QC             Microsoft QuickC
__STDC__        ANSI C compliant
__TURBOC__      Turbo C and Borland C
__USE_POSIX     ??
__WATCOMC__     Watcom C on MS-DOS
__ZTC__         Zortech C

_AIX            AIX operating system
__APPLE__       Apple Darwin
AMIGA           SAS/C 5.10 or Dice C on AMIGA
__amigaos__     Gnu CC on AMIGA
atarist         ATARI-ST under Gnu CC
__DragonflyBSD__ DragonflyBSD
__FreeBSD__     FreeBSD
GNUDOS          DJGPP (obsolete in version 1.08)
__GO32__        DJGPP (future?)
hpux            HP-UX
linux           GNU/Linux
macintosh       Macintosh (THINK_C and __MWERKS__ define)
MCH_AMIGA       Aztec_c 5.2a on AMIGA
__MACH__        Apple Darwin
__MINGW32__     MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Windows
MSDOS           Microsoft C 5.10 and 6.00A
_MSDOS          Microsoft CLARM and CLTHUMB compilers.
__MSDOS__       Turbo C, Borland C, and DJGPP
__NetBSD__      NetBSD
nosve           Control Data NOS/VE
__OpenBSD__     OpenBSD
SVR2            System V Revision 2.
sun             SunOS
__SVR4          SunOS
THINK_C         developement environment for the Macintosh
ultrix          VAX with ULTRIX operating system.
unix            most Unix and similar systems and DJGPP (!?)
__unix__        Gnu CC and DJGPP
_UNICOS         Cray operating system
vaxc            VAX C compiler
VAXC            VAX C compiler
vax11c          VAX C compiler
VAX11           VAX C compiler
_Windows        Borland C 3.1 compiling for Windows
_WIN32          MS VisualC++ 4.2 and Cygwin (Win32 API)
_WIN32_WCE      MS Windows CE
vms             (and VMS) VAX-11 C under VMS.

__alpha         DEC Alpha processor
__alpha__       DEC Alpha processor
__hppa__        HP RISC processor
hp9000s800      HP RISC processor
__ia64          GCC on IA64
__ia64__        GCC on IA64
_LONGLONG       GCC on IA64
__i386__        DJGPP
i386            DJGPP
_M_ARM          Microsoft CLARM compiler defines as 4 for ARM.
_M_ARMT         Microsoft CLTHUMB compiler defines as 4 for Thumb.
MULTIMAX        Encore computer
ppc             PowerPC
__ppc__         PowerPC
pyr             Pyramid 9810 processor
__sgi__         Silicon Graphics Inc.
sparc           SPARC processor
sequent         Sequent computer
tahoe           CCI Tahoe processor
vax             VAX processor
__x86_64        AMD Opteron

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