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5.12.6 Curses Miscellany

Function: wstandout win
Function: wstandend win

These functions set the current attributes of the window win. The current attributes of win are applied to all characters that are written into it. Attributes are a property of the character, and move with the character through any scrolling and insert/delete line/character operations. To the extent possible on the particular terminal, they will be displayed as the graphic rendition of characters put on the screen.

wstandout sets the current attributes of the window win to be visibly different from other text. wstandend turns off the attributes.

Function: box win vertch horch

A box is drawn around the edge of the window win. vertch and horch are the characters the box is to be drawn with. If vertch and horch are 0, then appropriate default characters, ACS_VLINE and ACS_HLINE, will be used.

Note vertch and horch can be an integers and will insert the character (with attributes) of the corresponding values.

Function: unctrl c

This macro expands to a character string which is a printable representation of the character c. Control characters are displayed in the C-x notation. Printing characters are displayed as is.