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2.6.1 Problems Compiling

*.cinclude file not found.Correct the status of STDC_HEADERS in scmfig.h.
fix #include statement or add #define for system type to scmfig.h.
*.cFunction should return a value.Ignore.
Parameter is never used.
Condition is always false.
Unreachable code in function.
scm.cassignment between incompatible types.Change SIGRETTYPE in scm.c.
time.cCLK_TCK redefined.incompatablility between <stdlib.h> and <sys/types.h>.
Remove STDC_HEADERS in scmfig.h.
Edit <sys/types.h> to remove incompatability.
subr.cPossibly incorrect assignment in function lgcd.Ignore.
sys.cstatement not reached.Ignore.
constant in conditional expression.
sys.cundeclared, outside of functions.#undef STDC_HEADERS in scmfig.h.
scl.csyntax error.#define SYSTNAME to your system type in scl.c (softtype).