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2.6.5 Problems Running

Runs some and then machine crashes.See above under machine crashes.
Runs some and then ERROR: … (after a GC has happened).Remove optimization option to C compiler and recompile.
#define SHORT_ALIGN in scmfig.h.
Some symbol names print incorrectly.Change memory model option to C compiler (or makefile).
Check that HEAP_SEG_SIZE fits within sizet.
Increase size of HEAP_SEG_SIZE (or INIT_HEAP_SIZE if it is smaller than HEAP_SEG_SIZE).
ERROR: Rogue pointer in Heap.See above under machine crashes.
Newlines don’t appear correctly in output files.Check file mode (define OPEN_… in Init5f3.scm).
Spaces or control characters appear in symbol names.Check character defines in scmfig.h.
Negative numbers turn positive.Check SRS in scmfig.h.
;ERROR: bignum: numerical overflowIncrease NUMDIGS_MAX in scmfig.h and recompile.
VMS: Couldn’t unwind stack.#define CHEAP_CONTINUATIONS in scmfig.h.
VAX: botched longjmp.