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2.6.4 Problems Starting

/bin/bash: scm: program not foundIs ‘scm’ in a ‘$PATH’ directory?
/bin/bash: /usr/local/bin/scm: Permission deniedchmod +x /usr/local/bin/scm
Opening message and then machine crashes.Change memory model option to C compiler (or makefile).
Make sure sizet definition is correct in scmfig.h.
Reduce the size of HEAP_SEG_SIZE in setjump.h.
Input hangs.#define NOSETBUF
ERROR: heap: need larger initial.Increase initial heap allocation using -a<kb> or INIT_HEAP_SIZE.
ERROR: Could not allocate.Check sizet definition.
Use 32 bit compiler mode.
Don’t try to run as subproccess.
remove <FLAG> in scmfig.h and recompile scm.Do so and recompile files.
add <FLAG> in scmfig.h and recompile scm.
ERROR: Init5f3.scm not found.Assign correct IMPLINIT in makefile or scmfig.h.
Define environment variable SCM_INIT_PATH to be the full pathname of Init5f3.scm.
WARNING: require.scm not found.Define environment variable SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH to be the full pathname of the scheme library [SLIB].
Change library-vicinity in Init5f3.scm to point to library or remove.
Make sure the value of (library-vicinity) has a trailing file separator (like / or \).