SCM for Macintosh icon Ported Version: 5d5; Released: Feb 20, 2002; Terms: GPL+

Welcome to the poorly laid out, badly documented home page for SCM on the Macintosh.

The announcement about it is available or you can go straight to downloading the Binhexed version or the MacBinary version.

Also available pre-built in Binhexed or MacBinary form. NOTE BENE: You will also need to download the SLIB-2d1 package, and either this small archive of support files (in MacBinary or Binhexed format, extract them into the scmmac folder) or the full SCM-5d5.

68K Version

By popular request, I am making a MacBinary download of the 68K application available (here is the binhexed version) of the main SCM application. I haven't plowed through all the steps necessary to make it work with CFM68K shared code yet, this is just basic Scheme as a 68020-compatible application, YMMV!

Tips for building SCM on the Mac

  1. Get the vintage versions SCM-5d5 and SLIB-2d3 from Aubrey Jaffer's site
  2. Install SCM, SLIB and scmmac in the same folder with a structure like this:
    Folder layout to build SCM for the Mac
  3. Build all the binaries
  4. Or just download the binary version.

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