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The file am1.5.html, a table of solar irradiance, is fetched with ‘wget’ if it isn’t already in the working directory. The file is read and stored into an array, irradiance.

create-postscript-graph is then called to create an encapsulated-PostScript file, solarad.eps. The size of the page is set to 600 by 300. whole-page is called and leaves the rectangle on the PostScript stack. setup-plot is called with a literal range for x and computes the range for column 1.

Two calls to top-title are made so a different font can be used for the lower half. in-graphic-context is used to limit the scope of the font change. The graphing area is outlined and a rule drawn on the left side.

Because the X range was intentionally reduced, in-graphic-context is called and clip-to-rect limits drawing to the plotting area. A black line is drawn from data column 1. That line is then overlayed with a mountain plot of the same column colored "Bright Sun".

After returning from the in-graphic-context, the bottom ruler is drawn. Had it been drawn earlier, all its ticks would have been painted over by the mountain plot.

The color is then changed to ‘seagreen’ and the same graphrect is setup again, this time with a different Y scale, 0 to 1000. The graphic context is again clipped to plotrect, linedash is set, and column 2 is plotted as a dashed line. Finally the rightedge is ruled. Having the line and its scale both in green helps disambiguate the scales.

(require 'eps-graph)
(require 'line-i/o)
(require 'string-port)

(define irradiance
  (let ((url "")
        (file "am1.5.html"))
    (define (read->list line)
      (define elts '())
      (call-with-input-string line
        (lambda (iprt) (do ((elt (read iprt) (read iprt)))
                           ((eof-object? elt) elts)
                         (set! elts (cons elt elts))))))
    (if (not (file-exists? file))
        (system (string-append "wget -c -O" file " " url)))
    (call-with-input-file file
      (lambda (iprt)
        (define lines '())
        (do ((line (read-line iprt) (read-line iprt)))
            ((eof-object? line)
             (let ((nra (make-array (A:floR64b)
                                      (length lines)
                                      (length (car lines)))))
               (do ((lns lines (cdr lns))
                    (idx (+ -1 (length lines)) (+ -1 idx)))
                   ((null? lns) nra)
                 (do ((kdx (+ -1 (length (car lines))) (+ -1 kdx))
                      (lst (car lns) (cdr lst)))
                     ((null? lst))
                   (array-set! nra (car lst) idx kdx)))))
          (if (and (positive? (string-length line))
                   (char-numeric? (string-ref line 0)))
              (set! lines (cons (read->list line) lines))))))))

(let ((xrange '(.25 2.5)))
   "solarad.eps" '(600 300)
   (setup-plot xrange (column-range irradiance 1))
    "Solar Irradiance")
    (set-font "Helvetica-Oblique" 12)
     "Key Centre for Photovoltaic Engineering UNSW - Air Mass 1.5 Global Spectrum"))
   (outline-rect plotrect)
   (rule-vertical leftedge "W/(m^" 10)
   (in-graphic-context (clip-to-rect plotrect)
                       (plot-column irradiance 0 1 'line)
                       (set-color "Bright Sun")
                       (plot-column irradiance 0 1 'mountain)
   (rule-horizontal bottomedge "Wavelength in .um" 5)
   (set-color 'seagreen)

   (setup-plot xrange '(0 1000) graphrect)
   (in-graphic-context (clip-to-rect plotrect)
                       (set-linedash 5 2)
                       (plot-column irradiance 0 2 'line))
   (rule-vertical rightedge "Integrated .W/(m^2)" -10)

(system "gv solarad.eps")

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