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7.3.2 String-Case

(require 'string-case)

Procedure: string-upcase str
Procedure: string-downcase str
Procedure: string-capitalize str

The obvious string conversion routines. These are non-destructive.

Function: string-upcase! str
Function: string-downcase! str
Function: string-capitalize! str

The destructive versions of the functions above.

Function: string-ci->symbol str

Converts string str to a symbol having the same case as if the symbol had been read.

Function: symbol-append obj1 …

Converts obj1 … to strings, appends them, and converts to a symbol which is returned. Strings and numbers are converted to read’s symbol case; the case of symbol characters is not changed. #f is converted to the empty string (symbol).

Function: StudlyCapsExpand str delimiter
Function: StudlyCapsExpand str

delimiter must be a string or character. If absent, delimiter defaults to ‘-’. StudlyCapsExpand returns a copy of str where delimiter is inserted between each lower-case character immediately followed by an upper-case character; and between two upper-case characters immediately followed by a lower-case character.

(StudlyCapsExpand "aX" " ")   ⇒ "a X"
(StudlyCapsExpand "aX" "..")  ⇒ "a..X"
(StudlyCapsExpand "AX")       ⇒ "AX"
(StudlyCapsExpand "Ax")       ⇒ "Ax"
(StudlyCapsExpand "AXLE")     ⇒ "AXLE"
(StudlyCapsExpand "aAXACz")   ⇒ "a-AXA-Cz"
(StudlyCapsExpand "AaXACz")   ⇒ "Aa-XA-Cz"
(StudlyCapsExpand "AAaXACz")  ⇒ "A-Aa-XA-Cz"
(StudlyCapsExpand "AAaXAC")   ⇒ "A-Aa-XAC"