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6.1.2 Table Operations

These are the descriptions of the methods available from an open relational table. A method is retrieved from a table by calling the table with the symbol name of the operation. For example:

((plat 'get 'processor) 'djgpp) ⇒ i386

Some operations described below require primary key arguments. Primary keys arguments are denoted key1 key2 …. It is an error to call an operation for a table which takes primary key arguments with the wrong number of primary keys for that table.

Operation on relational-table: get column-name

Returns a procedure of arguments key1 key2 … which returns the value for the column-name column of the row associated with primary keys key1, key2 … if that row exists in the table, or #f otherwise.

((plat 'get 'processor) 'djgpp) ⇒ i386
((plat 'get 'processor) 'be-os) ⇒ #f