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— Function: within-database database statement-1 ...

within-database creates a lexical scope in which the commands define-table and define-command create tables and *commands*-table entries respectively in open relational database database. The expressions in `within-database' form are executed in order.

within-database Returns database.

— Syntax: define-command (<name> <rdb>) "comment" <expression1> <expression2> ...
— Syntax: define-command (<name> <rdb>) <expression1> <expression2> ...

Adds to the *commands* table a command <name>:

          (lambda (<name> <rdb>) <expression1> <expression2> ...)
— Syntax: define-table <name> <descriptor-name> <descriptor-name> <rows>
— Syntax: define-table <name> <primary-key-fields> <other-fields> <rows>

where <name> is the table name, <descriptor-name> is the symbol name of a descriptor table, <primary-key-fields> and <other-fields> describe the primary keys and other fields respectively, and <rows> is a list of data rows to be added to the table.

<primary-key-fields> and <other-fields> are lists of field descriptors of the form:

          (<column-name> <domain>)


          (<column-name> <domain> <column-integrity-rule>)

where <column-name> is the column name, <domain> is the domain of the column, and <column-integrity-rule> is an expression whose value is a procedure of one argument (which returns #f to signal an error).

If <domain> is not a defined domain name and it matches the name of this table or an already defined (in one of spec-0 ...) single key field table, a foreign-key domain will be created for it.

— Function: add-macro-support database

The relational database database must be mutable. add-macro-support adds a *macros* table and define-macro macro to database; then database is returned.

— Syntax: define-macro (<name> arg1 ...) "comment" <expression1> <expression2> ...
— Syntax: define-macro (<name> arg1 ...) <expression1> <expression2> ...

Adds a macro <name> to the *macros*.

Note: within-database creates lexical scope where not only define-command and define-table, but every command and macro are defined, ie.:

          (within-database my-rdb
            (define-command (message rdb)
              (lambda (msg)
                (display "message: ")
                (display msg)
            (message "Defining FOO...")
            ;; ... defining FOO ...
            (message "Defining BAR...")
            ;; ... defining BAR ...