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1.5 Building from Scheme Sources

Scheme Infrastructure

SCM source is available from:

Also available as source RPM:

SLIB is a portable Scheme library which SCM uses:

Also available as RPM:

Testing Scheme Source

From the wb directory, do ‘scm all test’. This will load the Scheme version of WB-tree with test code. Typing ‘(main)’ will construct a test database z in this directory. If this runs without errors then you are ready to build the C code. Exit from scm with ‘(quit)’.

Regenerating C Sources.

make all

Testing Compiled DBSCM

Run ‘scm -rwb -ltest’. This should build the test database z much more quickly than before.

Type ‘(quit)’ to exit from DBSCM. Now run ‘./wbcheck z’. This will check the structure of the database and collect temporary files. This should reclaim 52 blocks and report no errors. If you run it again, no blocks will be collected.