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7.2 rwb-isam

(require 'rwb-isam) rwb-isam is a sophisticated base-table implementation built on WB and SCM which uses binary numerical formats for keys and non-key fields. It supports IEEE floating-point and fixed-precision integer keys with the correct numerical collation order.

In addition to the types described for wb-table, rwb-isam supports the following types for keys and values:

r64 Real represented by one IEEE 64.bit number.
r32 Real represented by one IEEE 32.bit number.
s64 Signed 64.bit integer.
s32 Signed 32.bit integer.
s16 Signed 16.bit integer.
s8 Signed 8.bit integer.
u64 Nonnegative 64.bit integer.
u32 Nonnegative 32.bit integer.
u16 Nonnegative 16.bit integer.
u8 Nonnegative 8.bit integer.

Complex numbers are supported for non-key fields:

c64 Complex represented by two IEEE 64.bit numbers.
c32 Complex represented by two IEEE 32.bit numbers.