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Dirichlet Process Mixture Models
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Illustrates the sub-cluster sampling method. Color indicates cluster assignment and ellipses indicating learned sub-clusters.

Temporal Superpixels Layered Object Tracking
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Illustrates TSPs and compares to supervoxel methods. Shows results of our layered tracking algorithm.

Implicit Sampling of Shapes Image Segmentation
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Demonstrates speed up and performance gain of the implicit shape sampling algorithm, BFPS. Joint segmentation, radiometric response estimation, shading estimation, and shape from shading. The top left image is the current segmentation. The top middle image is the labels assigned. The top right image represents the likelihood of any pixel belonging to a specific region label. The bottom images represent the estimated shape of the zebra based on the current segmentation.

ECE 420 Final Project - Counting Fingers

The number in the middle of the screen is the algorithm guessing at how many fingers are within the fram. The top left quadrant shows the video from the camera. The top right and bottom left quadrants are intermediate steps where each frame is processed. The bottom right quadrant is the final output of the processing, with a green outline on the hand and a green dot on each finger tip (not visible in this poor quality video).