MIT Programming Languages Working Group

Meetings occur Wednesdays 4pm. Legitimate meeting agenda include giving a conference talk, giving a practice talk, discussing work in progress, critiquing a draft, and discussing a relevant publication.

Please contact Jean Yang (jeanyang at csail) with questions or slot reservations. To stay up-to-date with announcements, consider joining our mailing list. We also have a Google Calendar here.

Spring 2011 Schedule

2.2 Andrew Myers (Cornell) G882 Extending and Adapting Families Project page
2.16 David Van Horn (Northeastern) G882 The k-CFA Paradox Relevant papers from ICFP '08 and PLDI '10.
2.23 Professional development G825 Academic job search discussion
3.2Paul Govereau and Jean-Baptiste Tristan (Harvard)G882
3.9 Bill Harris (Wisconsin) G882
3.16Aslan Askarov G882
3.23Spring break
3.30 Dan Grossman (UW) G882 PL and HardwareJoint work with Luis Ceze
4.6 Haiping Zhao (Facebook) Kiva
Facebook's PL IssuesHaiping wrote Facebook's HipHop PHP-to-C++ compiler.
4.27 Professional development G825 Powerpoint karaoke
5.11 Mattias Felleisen (Northeastern) G882 Extensible Programming Languages

Group History

This group is maintained by Jean Yang (jeanyang at csail).