Housing Corporation of Arlington Sunnyside Avenue development

Photos taken in April 2023 of the site and its surroundings.

Photos by Julie Sussman

Front of current building on Sunnyside seen from parking lot on Broadway at Sunnyside

New building will replace the gray building and associated lot (shown below).

Whole current building: Front and left side, showing area to be occupied by left half of new building.

Front of new building to be along sidewalk, left of new building along driveway.

Rest of property, enclosed by fence.
Seen from Sunnyside, looking towards Broadway.

New building to occupy whole site: where gray building and empty area are.

Beth Israel Lahey Health (on Broadway) is seen behind.
A parking lot separates them (shown below).

Closeup of "empty" part of site.

Parking and Beth Israel Lahey Health (on Broadway) are seen behind.

Corner of fenced-in property, showing neighboring Arlmont Fuel.

Silk Street houses are at rear behind parking lot.

View along Arlmont Fuel past site (gray building) looking towards Broadway.

Almost whole side of building from parking lot behind
Side abuts driveway and parking lot
New building side would extend along the same boundary.

View of site from back of a Silk St. property.

Gray building with red chimney is 2 1/2-story fitness business across Sunnyside from site (see below)

Low gray building is site.
Rear of site is along parking lot.

Note that parking lot is lower than Silk St. and site is lower than that,
So 5-story building will rise to about 2 1/2 stories above red roof.

Note large apartment buildings on Broadway in Somervills.

Fitness business with parking across street from site.

View on Sunnyside away from Broadway, showing boundary of commercial/industrial area and residential area.
Boyle's Body Works is across street from site & Arlmont Fuel, after fitness business.

At left is rear of first house on Michael St., residential neighborhood around corner from Sunnyside

View down start of Michael St. from Sunnyside.

View from corner of Michael St. (with private house) along Arlmont Fuel past site looking toward Broadway

Silk St. (residential street) looking towards Lahey on Broadway.

Another view from back of a Silk St. property.

Project site is hidden by fence.
Large apartment buildings are on Broadway in Somervills.