Jennie Duggan

Jennie Duggan

The Stata Center, Building 32-G904B

32 Vassar St

Cambridge, MA 02139

About Me

I am a postdoctoral associate in the Database Group at MIT CSAIL, working with Michael Stonebraker. I received my Ph.D. from Brown University in 2012, where I was advised by Ugur Cetintemel. Before that, I was a scientist working at the US Navy research base in Newport, RI. My research interests include scientific data management, database workload modeling, and cloud computing. I am especially focused on making data-driven science applications fast and scalable and am working in the context of SciDB. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, sailing, and traveling.



Hephaestus: Data Reuse for Accelerating Scientific Discovery. J. Duggan and M. Brodie. To appear in CIDR 2015.
  • An extended version is available here.

E-Store: Fine-Grained Elastic Partitioning for Distributed Transaction Processing Systems. R. Taft, E. Mansour, M. Serafini, J. Duggan, A. Elmore, A. Aboulnaga, A. Pavlo, and M. Stonebraker. To appear in PVLDB, Vol. 8, 2015.

The Case for Personal Data-Driven Decision Making. J. Duggan. In PVLDB, vol. 7, 2014. (vision track)

Incremental Elasticity for Array Databases. J. Duggan and M. Stonebraker. In SIGMOD 2014.

Contender: A Resource Modeling Approach for Concurrent Query Performance Prediction. J. Duggan, O. Papaemmanouil, U. Cetintemel, E. Upfal. In EDBT 2014.

SciDB DMBS Research at MIT. M.Stonebraker, J. Duggan, L. Battle, O. Papaemmanouil. In IEEE Data Eng. Bull., 36(4), 2013.

Packing Light: Portable Workload Performance Prediction for the Cloud. J. Duggan, Y. Chi, H. Hacigumus, S. Zhu, U. Cetintemel. In DMC 2012, ICDE Workshops.

Performance Prediction for Concurrent Database Workloads. J. Duggan, U. Cetintemel, O. Papaemmanouil, E. Upfal. In SIGMOD 2011.

Overview of SciDB: large scale array storage, processing and analysis J. Rogers, R. Simakov, E. Soroush, P. Velikhov, M. Balazinska, D. DeWitt, B. Heath, D. Maier, S. Madden, J. Patel, M. Stonebraker, S. Zdonik, A. Smirnov, K. Knizhnik, P. Brown. In SIGMOD 2010.

A Generic Auto-Provisioning Framework for Cloud Databases. J. Rogers, O. Papaemmanouil, and U. Cetintemel. In SMDB 2010, ICDE Workshops.

A Demonstration of SciDB: A Science-Oriented DBMS. P. Cudre-Mauroux, H. Kimura, K.-T. Lim, J. Rogers, R. Simakov, E. Soroush, P. Velikhov, D. Wang, M. Balazinska, J. Becla, D. DeWitt, B. Heath, D. Maier, S. Madden, J. Patel, M. Stonebraker, and S. Zdonik. In PVLDB 2009.

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Additional Writings

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