Jerry Lingjie Mei 梅灵捷

Email jerrymei_at_mit_dot_edu
My Resume

I am a undergraduate senior at MIT, majoring in EECS and Math, working with Joshua Tenebaum as a member of the CoCoSci lab . Previously I was an undergraduate student from Peking University.

Research Interests
  • Physical Understanding & Intuitive physics
  • Concept learning and language
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Topics: Physical Understanding (* indicates equal contribution)

Modeling Expectation Violation in Intuitive Physics with Coarse Probabilistic Object Representations
Kevin Smith*, Lingjie Mei*, Shunyu Yao, Jiajun Wu, Elizabeth S. Spelke, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Tomer Ullman

NeurIPS 2019. Paper. Project. Video. MIT News