Date: August 3-August 5, 2009 with Pre-Workshop Tutorial on August 2, 2009
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
Location: MIT Stata Center, Cambridge, MA, USA
Room: August 3-5, 32-155


Where everything is:

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Restaurant Information:

Here is a list of local restaurants. Catered lunch for invited participants only will be on Monday and Tuesday.

Parking Information:

Free parking on Sunday. There is a public parking lot at the corner of Mass Avenue and Vassar Street which is $4.00-$16.00 per day. If you would like to arrange and pay for parking through MIT's parking office, please call 617-258-6510.

Workshop Description:

A fast growing worldwide trend is to view computation as a commodity: Instead of maintaining their own computer systems, organizations or individuals may pay specialized providers to carry out the desired computation for them. This trend (often called "Cloud Computing") carries with it great promise in terms of overall computing efficiency, power consumption, and financial flexibility. However, it also opens the door to much more acute security threats than those we have encountered so far: Without additional protection, the client must completely trust the provider to perform the computation correctly, and at the same time keep the secrecy of the clients' most sensitive private data.

Allowing the client to benefit from this service without putting such an unreasonable amount of trust in the provider turns out to be an extremely complex and delicate task. In particular, traditional cryptographic techniques and concepts are of no help here. Indeed, the cryptographic community is recently abuzz with a set of new techniques that are aimed at dealing with such adversarial scenarios. These include exciting new techniques for:

- Computation on encrypted data (often called "fully homomorphic encryption")
- Verifiable Delegated Computation
- Program Obfuscation
- Leakage-Resilient Cryptography
- Circular Encryption
- Searchable and Conditionally Decryptable Encryption

The workshop will bring together researchers that work on different aspects of this problem, allowing for exchange of ideas and coming up with new research directions.


Workshop Organizers:

Ran Canetti
Shafi Goldwasser
Admin. Asst: Joanne Hanley


The workshop is supported in part by the National Science Foundation, Check Point Institute for Information Security, Microsoft Corporation, D. E. Shaw & Co., and RSA Labs
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