The Family Markowitz

  The Family Markowitz. Available from Amazon in hardcover or softcover.

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The following is a list of online reviews of and references to the book


  1. Salon Magazine  book of the year award ( here too)


  1. Stanford Daily
  2. The Boston Phoenix
  3. Salon Magazine
  4. The Jewish Quarterly (no text available online)
  5. The Book Report

Recommendation Lists

  1.  Bruce's book list
  2.  The Independent Reader (from  Talking Leaves)
  3.  Friends of Libraries U.S.A
  4. New and Noteworthy Paperbacks from the  New York Times book review
  5.  bear in mind  from the  New York Times book review
  6. Appeared for a time on Summers top 50 literary books

Articles mentioning the book

  1.  Stanford Magazine (also  here)
  2.  Honolulu Star Bulletin, 10/14/96
  3.  Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, 11/15/96


  1. The book was read on  A Chapter a Day program at Wisconsin Public Radio
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