Selected Works:

Digital Composites

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fab lab Infrastructure

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(make your own fabfi)

Steerable Medical Catheter

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Cementer Inventor

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Online Calorimetry

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fab bike (Bicycle Rapid Prototyping)

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fab boat (Green Boat Rapid Prototyping)

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(make your own canoe) (make your own propeller) (make your own toy catamaran)

Reconfigurable Furniture

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(make your own reconfigurable furniture)

Musical Instruments

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Deployable Safety Helmet

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Inexpensive User Driven Indoor Location Tracking

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Folded Metal Bunny, with Tomohiro Tachi and Erik Demaine! (2011)

Hybrid Reluctance/Linear and Sawyer/Planar Motors for scalable NC machine design (2007)

Lattice Based Meshing Algorithm (2007)

Quantitative Human Behavior Based Architectural Design Advisor (2006)

The Good, the Soso, and the Ugly - Insight From Web-Based Photograph Ratings (2006)

AcCOMPlice Finite Element Combinatorial Design Tool (2006)

Alcatel / MIT-France / MIT Mobile Experience Lab (2006)

Fabophonor Non-Emissive Display (wave propogation through a membrane) (2005)

Bicycle Powered 2D NC Fab-able Pump/Turbine (2005)

Cardboard Hyperbolic Surface Invention Kit (2005)

Shenzhen Biennale Exhibit (2005)

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