Objective Develop Web technology and make the world a better and fun place. Share new Web technology with Chinese developers from both sides of Taiwan Strait. Work with Chinese developers and industry to increase their participation in existing standardization processes. Gain better understanding of industry and developers needs, and work with others to identify new areas of potential standards work.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA. 2005 — 2010

  • Graduated in Feburary 2010, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

National Taiwan University, Department of Life Science. 2004 — 2005

Chien Kuo Senior High School. 數理資優班。2001 — 2004

Current Activities The team contact of the (future) HTML5 Chinese Interest Group.

Provenance of Inferences: A Trail of Proofs in Linked Open Data, presented at the Cambridge Semantic Web Gathering on 9 June 2009

(in Japanese)SPARQL Updateと読み書きウェブとTabulator, presented at 第3回セマンティクウェブ委員会(the 3rd Semantic Web committee) on 26 June 2009

(in Chinese)真正的Web 2.0 - 語意網的現況與鍵連資料雲, presented at National Taiwan University on 19 March 2010

(in Chinese)真正的Web 2.0 - 語意網的現況與鍵連資料, presented at Academia Sinica on 18 August 2010


Gold Medal at the International Physics Olympiad, Aug 2-11, 2003


C Liao, Kanghao Lu, M Baym, R Singh, B Berger (2009). IsoRankN: Spectral Methods for Global Alignment of Multiple Protein Networks, Proceedings of the 17th Annual International Conference on In Sweden, June 27 - July 2 2009.

Chung-Shou Liao ,Kanghao Lu, Michael Baym, Rohit Singh and Bonnie Berger (2009). IsoRankN: spectral methods for global alignment of multiple protein networks. Bioinformatics, Vol. 25, Number 12.

C Au Yeung, L Liccardi, Kanghao Lu, O Seneviratne, T Berners-Lee(2008). Decentralization: The Future of Online Social Networking. position paper for W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking.

T Berners-Lee, J. Hollenbach, Kanghao Lu, J. Presbrey, E. Pru d'ommeaux, mc schraefel (2008). Tabulator Redux: Writing Into the Semantic Web, presented by Tim Berners-Lee at the WWW2008 Linked Data workshop.

Young-Sea Huang, Kang-Hao Lu (2007). Exact Expression for Radiation of an Accelerated Charge in Classical Electrodynamics. Foundations of Physics, Vol. 38, Number 2.

Research Experience

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Decentralized Information Group, MIT CSAIL, Summer 2007 — present

Tabulator - the world's first Linked Data browser and editor May 2007 — May 2008

  • The Tabulator project was initiated by Tim Berners-Lee as a Web application, it was later ported to Firefox as an extention. It is written solely in JavaScript.
  • I was responsible for making the tabulator into a on-the-fly triple editor. I was in charge of the user interface but I also fixed some bugs in the backend.
  • My user interface work was nominated by Tim to the MIT undergraduate research award in Human-Computer interaction.

Semantic HOL - an approach to decentralizing automated theorem prover June 2008 — Sep 2008

  • I envisioned a decentrailzed web of proofs, in which theorem provers can work collarboratively, and initiated the project. The project aims to combine Semantic Web techonology and a famous theorem prover HOL Light, written in OCaml. The Semantic Web library in use was CWM, written in Python.

Provenance of Inferences: A Trail of Proofs in Linked Open Data Feb 2009 — June 2009

  • The project aims to explore the power of inferences on the Web of Linked Data, focusing on real world use cases.
  • The proof engine I uese was CWM, written in Python. The format of the rules was in N3. A proof viewer was created as a Tabulator extension (in JavaScript).
  • It is presented at the Semantic Web Gathering on 9 June, 2009

Undergraduate Research Assitant, Computational Biology Group, MIT CSAIL, , Sep 2008 — Jan 2009

  • I joined the group in the hope of promoting the use of Semantic Technology, such as SPARQL, in the group.
  • The project was about developing algorithms for protein network matching among species. Comparative study against other algoritms was also conducted.
  • I was the sole programmer in the project. Our alogorithm was implemented in C++. Some little programms for analytic studies were written in Python.
  • I helped other members in the group when they had little bugs in perl and Matlab.
Computer Skills
  • Proficient in and enthusiatic about reading codes. Codes I have looked into include: Firefox, MediaWiki, HOL (a theorem prover), scumutils (a computer algebra system), etc.
  • Proficient in Semantic Web Techonology: URI, HTTP, RDF, N3, SPARQL, and so on.
  • Fluent with: JavaScript, Python, OCaml, C++
  • Experienced with: Emacs-Lisp, Java, Visual Basic, PHP, Objective C, perl, Scheme, Matlab
  • System Administration: Mac OS X, Apache
  • Technology: XPCOM (mozilla's version of the Component Object Model), AJAX
  • Others: HTML (with a little bit exp. of HTML5 such as the <audio> element), XML, CSS, Subversion, Mercurial, Emacs
Languages English, Chinese(native), Japanese(reading and a little bit of talking)
  • Reading codes
  • Games, anime
  • Sports: table tennis, tennis, badminton
  • Go (KGS 2d)
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