Moving Joomla

Kimo Johnson

10 August 2006

This site is now hosted on two different servers, both pointing to the same Joomla database. All in all, the process of moving the site was fairly painless. I tarred and gzipped all the files from one server and unpacked it on the other. I then modified configuration.php to contain the new webserver information and I left all the database info the same. Within minutes, the front page loaded on the new server.

The one catch was getting the links to work. Something was messed up with every page except the home page and I quickly realized it was related to my SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs. After a bit of web searching, I figured out the answer was to modify the RewriteBase setting of my .htaccess file. Now the webserver prepends “/~kimo/” to the URLs and everything works again. Unfortunately, pages load very slowly right now, but maybe it’s just a busy day for my joomla database server.