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Thermoplastic elastomer

We recommend Ultraflex, available at

The box

The box

Our current setup is built from t-slot aluminum made by 80/20 Inc. Here is an approximate parts list:

  • 13 equal lengths of the 1010 profile (1-inch wide) with tapped ends
  • One T joining plate, part #4080, used as a camera mount
  • 8 corner connectors, part #4042, and corresponding bolt assembly, part #3017
  • T-nuts, double T-nuts, and triple T-nuts for 1/4-20 thread
  • Flanged button head socket cap screws in 1/4-20 thread
  • Dark acrylic panels for the sides
  • 8 panel retainers, part #2494

80/20 sells many of these parts at their Ebay store.


The lights

We use 5×5 LED arrays in red, green and blue from These are designed as replacement dome lights for a car and are pre-wired for 12 volts. We have used both the rigid and flexible versions. The lights are mounted in a large Tupperware bowl with a rim that fits snugly in the slot of the 1010 profile.


We use an industrial USB camera from The Imaging Source.