Quick facts about Lee Lin:

Hello, you found my old CSAIL website! Here is my latest contact info. Even thought I graduated a long time ago, alums can fortuntely still ssh

Current contact info (Updated Feb 2022):

During the pandemic, my wife Pei Jennifer Lin and I booked one-way ticekts to Taipei. It was a fantastic 9 months of seeing family, learning new things, and experience life in Asia. RentHop managed to open a Taiwan engineering office at JustCo near Taipei City Hall, and we are hiring! After a wonderful year in the MBA program at HBS, starting Fall 2022 my leave of absence officially turns into a permanent withdraw. Unfortunately, life gets in the way, and RealtyHop, RentHop, and CitySignal all continue to grow.

Although I am still at best an intermediate bridge player, I became an ACBL Life Master in October 2020. I recently joined the board of GNYBA and maintain the blog at http://www.gnyba.org. I volunteer as the New York City Unit GNT Coordinator, Webmaster, and Administrative Vice President.

You might have also found me because of my travels or hosting on Airbnb.

Education Info:
Harvard Business School 2016: MBA Program - Currently "on-leave"
MIT 2004: Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
MIT 2004: Bachelors of Science in Mathematics
MIT 1999-2003: Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Engineering
Phillips Academy: 1995-1999

Places to get more info:

Facebook Profle (MIT, D.E. Shaw, New York, and Microsoft networks)
Link to publications: http://pag.csail.mit.edu/pubs/Lee-Lin.html
Link to DLBP publications: Program Steering paper
Don't look for me on LinkedIn, I only have a joke profile there...
Founder of RentHop.com, an online marketplace for NYC Apartments for Rent.