I'm Recruiting PhD students

I am seeking creative, hard-working, PhD students (and master’s students and undergraduates) to join the XAI group at UCSC.

Come work with me on making complex mechanisms more understandable for debugging and diagnosis, accountability, and liability. We examine applications in autonomous driving, deep learning, and other mission-critical or safety-critical applications. Additionally, my work also examines the role of explanations for trustworthy ML, human-machine teams, AI and ethics, and AI safety and fairness.

UCSC undergrad

UCSC undergraduates are welcome to contact me about getting involved in research. Students interested in joining the group should have basic programming experience, and preferably, have taken CSE 140.

UCSC Master’s students

Current UCSC Master’s students interested in gaining research experience or looking for a supervisor for a research project may contact me.

In your introductory email, please include a CV/resume, and indicate a few topics or application domains of interest. I’ve listed a couple ongoing projects on the UCSC CSE master’s board.

Prospective PhD students

I’m currently looking to build the XAI group with driven, hard-working PhD students. Students will work on various projects with a focus on autonomous systems, robust machine learning, and/or explainability and interpretability.

In your introductory email, please include a CV/resume, and indicate a few topics or application domains of interest. (For inspiration, some ongoing projects are listed here, but feel free to define your own!).

Before contacting

Prospective PhD students, please review the UC Santa Cruz CSE PhD admissions requirements and ensure that you meet these requirements before contacting Prof. Gilpin. (Note: the GRE is no longer required!) I can only take on students that are accepted to a PhD program at UCSC.

I’m unable to provide insights about admissions decisions. The admission decisions are made by a committee.

Diversity statement

Explanatory AI is an interdisciplinary field which benefits from the perspectives and contributions of those from diverse voices (diversity broadly defined). We encourage anyone who shares our interests, including members of historically underrepresented and marginalized groups, women, LGBTQ+ folks, and people with disabilities (with diversity broadly defined), to consider joining us at UC Santa Cruz!

Leilani H. Gilpin
Assistant Professor

My research interests include explainable artificial intellgience,anomaly detection, and system debugging.