Short Bio

January 19, 1976
Born in Moscow, Russia
Went to Moscow School 209
Was accepted to School 57
Thrown out of the school and wend back to my alma mater (209)
Emigrated to US, leaving just one week before graduating
Started studying at Boston University, department of Computer Science
Figured out what I want to do for the foreseeable future and started research in Computer Vision with Prof. Stan Sclaroff
Graduated from BU with Master of Arts degree and went to work for Cognex Inc..
Got accepted into MIT and started working at Artificial Intelligence Laboratiry
Still going.....


I am a founding member of the BU KBH Team. KBH is the popular russian improv comedy game. The american version is called KaBH where 'a' stands for... you guessed it. We got to the final game of 1997-1998 season, and were champions of 1999-2000 season.

Shim Gum Do

For the last five years I have been training in the art of Shim Gum Do at Shim Gwang Sa, the Mind Light Temple. A year ago I have achieved the Third Star Level.


Recently, I have been traveling quite a lot to different places, and sometimes I even had my camera with me. Here are some pictures that I got around to scanning in. There is also some stuff that I just grabbed off somebody, because I liked it. Enjoy.


At some point I will post the list of books that I have (in case somebody wants to borrow). For now I there is a list of interesting or funny quotes from various books (some of them in russian).
Created by: Leonid Taycher