EATCS Council Candidate Statement         Aleksander Mądry

Thank you for nominating me to be a candidate to the EATCS Council. This nomination came somewhat unexpectedly. However, after thinking about it, I realized that there is much I could contribute as a council member and I would be happy to do it.

The primary goals that I would like the EATCS to focus on are improving cohesiveness of the European theory community, and strengthening the ties to its US counterparts. Over the years, our community became somewhat fragmented, with much less mobility and cross-institutional collaboration than it used to have. These trends affect negatively our strength as a field, both from the scientific and political point of view. In particular, they make it harder for us to attract and train top young researchers as well as limit our impact and role in addressing the complex challenges of today’s world.

As a council member, I would like to guide the effort to revert these trends. I believe that my community service record as well as the fairly unique perspective stemming from my experience of being a faculty member both at an European and a US institution would be useful assets here.

(For your reference, here is my CV.)