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Tellspotting – Archaeological Remote Sensing

Tell-like mounds in the SRTM elevation model of northern Mesopotamia and the northern Levant.
(Site locations from Menze et al., PERS 2006,, for details zoom in or view larger map.)

Settlement locations around 'Tell Brak' (modern Nagar), northeastern Syria, as detected from ASTER images.
(Site locations from Menze et Ur, PNAS 2012, access the full data set at the Harvard data repository, or see the full map with site outlines.)

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- Mapping patterns of long-term settlement in Northern Mesopotamia at a large scale. PNAS 2012
by BH Menze, JA Ur
- Spotting Tells from Space. AG Sherratt, Antiquity 78:301 2004
- A Tellspotting Algorithm. BH Menze, ArchAtlas 2005
- Detection of Ancient Settlement Mounds. PERS 72: 321–327 2006 (pdf)
by BH Menze, JA Ur, AG Sherratt
- Jason Ur's webpage on Archaeological Site Identification using ASTER and SRTM
- The Harvard-Heidelberg Atlas of Settlement Patterns at the Upper Khabur River

MICCAI 2012 & 2013 - Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation Challenge

Because of their unpredictable appearance and shape, segmenting brain tumors from multi-modal imaging data is one of the most challenging tasks in medical image analysis. Although many different segmentation strategies have been proposed in the literature. In order to gauge the current state-of-the-art in automated brain tumor segmentation and compare between different methods, we are organizing a Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation (BRATS) challenge in conjunction with the MICCAI conference.

The first challenge workshop took place during MICCAI 2013 in Nice, France. An extension to this challenge will be take place during MICCAI 2013 in Nagoya, Japan.

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MICCAI MCV - Medical Computer Vision Workshop

The workshop aims at exploring the use of modern image recognition technology in tasks such as semantic anatomy parsing, automatic segmentation and quantification, anomaly detection and categorization, data harvesting, semantic navigation and visualization, data organization and clustering, and general-purpose automatic understanding of medical images.

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- MICCAI MCV 2012 -- Third workshop at MICCAI 2012 in Nice, France.
- CVPR MCV 2012 -- Second workshop at CVPR 2012 in Providence, RI, USA.
- MICCAI MCV 2010 -- First workshop at MICCAI 2010 in Beijing, China.

Deutsche SchülerAkademie 2009 - Sommerkurs Bioinformatik

Die Multinationale Akademie in Metten findet dieses Jahr vom 6. bis 22. August statt und ist Teil der Deutschen SchulerAkademie. Der Veranstaltungsort ist die Benediktinerabtei Metten. Der Kurs Bioinformatik - vom Molekül zum Organismus wird von Jan Lipfert und Bjoern Menze geleitet.

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