Microsoft Windows 6.001 MIT Scheme Release Notes

These notes are from the 6.001 locker on athena, under /mit/6.001/win32.

           Microsoft Windows 6.001 MIT Scheme Release Notes

                          7 February 1996

This note describes how to install the MIT Scheme 6.001 system under
either Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Microsoft Windows NT.

System Requirements

  . An Intel 386 or 486 based PC with VGA (or preferably SVGA) display
    card and monitor.  A floating-point co-processor (integrated into
    the 486DX and 486DX2 series processor chips) is recommended.

  . Microsoft Windows version 3.1 (not 3.0) or Microsoft Windows NT.
    Windows 3.1 emulation under OS2 will *not* work.

  . 8 Megabytes of physical (RAM) memory, with 16 Megabytes or more

  . About 14 MB free hard drive space for the installation. MIT Scheme will
    require about 10 MB of space, after you delete the installation files. 

  . A 3.5" high density floppy disk drive (or other way of obtaining files 
    from the 6.001 locker on Athena).

When you have installed the system

When you install MIT Scheme send email to

with the Subject: line `New user'.  In the body of the message supply
detail about your system, e.g:

        Make/model      Dell 466ME
        Processor       486DX2
        Memory size     32MB
        Hard disk size  400MB

and any other information that you feel is relevant.  If you send mail
from a 6.001 Lab machine remember to set the `Reply-To:' header.

Getting the software

The system is available from two sources: the 6.001 Athena locker and
the PC called PATEK on the 4th floor of 545 Tech Square.

* From Athena

You should copy the following files from the win32 directory in the
6.001 Athena locker:

        6001DIST.ZIP    (3.5MB)

One easy way to do this (if your computer is connected to MITNet) is to 
telnet to a dialup machine, attach the 6.001 locker, and then ftp to 
the same dialup machine and download the files. 

The system has also been split to fit on four high density (1.4MB)
3.5" floppies.  The contents of each floppy is stored in a separate
directory in the win32 subdirectory of the 6.001 Athena locker.  The
four directories are:


Transfer the contents to floppy, one directory per floppy, so that
each floppy is a copy of exactly one directory.  Be sure to transfer
the files as BINARY files, otherwise the installation will fail.

* From PATEK

If you do not have an Athena account you can get the files from PATEK.
Take your floppies to PATEK and follow the instructions posted on the
wall there.  PATEK is located on the 4th floor of 545 Technology
Square (NE43) near some printers and other computers.  There is a sign
saying `PATEK' just above the screen. Note: the files on PATEK may have 
a different semester's problem sets bundled with them. Replace your problem
set files with files obtained from the 6.001 locker or the 6.001 Lab as 
explained later in the handout.


Installation comprises three steps:

  . Installing the win32s system
  . Installing the Scheme system
  . Configuring the system

Each step must be completed successfully before the next step will

* Installing the win32s system

The win32s system allows Microsoft Windows to run true 32 bit
applications that use a subset of the Windows NT Win32 API.  MIT
Scheme was ported to Windows NT and thus requires win32s to be
installed in order to run.

To install win32s you will need the win32s floppy that you copied from
the 6.001 locker.

 . If you copied the WIN32S.ZIP file, put a formatted empty disk in
   the A: drive and enter

        unzip -d a:\

 . Start Windows 3.1

 . Shut down all applications and windows except the Program Manager.

 . Insert the win32s floppy in drive A:

 . From the Program Manager run A:SETUP

 . When the setup program asks if you want to install the Freecell
   game, answer `Yes'.

When installation is complete, run the Freecell game (it is a card
game).  Hopefully it will work.  If the system will not run the game
then neither will it run MIT Scheme.  If Freecell won't run we cannot
help.  You might try removing drivers from your AUTOEXEC.BAT and

* Installing MIT Scheme

You will need the three floppies `floppy1' through `floppy3' and you
must have installed win32s.  The software occupies about 10MB of disk
space.  You need about 14MB free on your C: to install it.
(Note: the MIT Scheme installation does not need to be installed on drive C:
If you want to install it on another drive, change the drive letters 

 . Start up an MS-DOS command prompt.

 . Execute the following:

        cd \

   This creates two directory hierarchies, C:\SCHEME-7.4\ and

 . You may delete

* If you used floppies

If you used floppies you reconstruct the 6001DIST.ZIP files as follows.
Copy 6001DIST.1, 6001DIST.2 and 6001DIST.3 onto your hard disk.

        copy /b 6001dist.?

You can now delete 6001DIST.1, 6001DIST.2 and 6001DIST.3.

* Configuration

MIT Scheme takes some fairly complex command line arguments.  The
easiest way to avoid having to remember these is to create some
program manager icons to click:

 . In the Program Manager, use the File|New menu item to create a new
   Program Group.
 . Create a Program Item with the following properties:

   Description:  6.001 Scheme
   Command Line: c:\scheme-7.4\bin\scheme
                      -library c:\scheme-7.4\lib
                      -heap 500
                      -eval (edit)      
                 (all on one line)
   Working Dir.: c:\users\u6001\work

When you run this icon you should get an Edwin screen like in the
6.001 Lab.
If you get the error message "procedure string-allocate failed to ..."
or something similar you can increase the size oh the -heap parameter, and  
that should fix it, but this will cause MIT Scheme to use more virtual
memory and slow it down.

Both the MIT Scheme Reference Manual and MIT Scheme User Manual are
included as Windows help files.  To make these available create
Program Items with the following properties:

   Description:  MIT Scheme Reference Manual
   Command Line: winhelp c:\scheme-7.4\bin\scheme.hlp

   Description:  MIT Scheme User Manual
   Command Line: winhelp c:\scheme-7.4\bin\user.hlp

6.001 Problem sets

We will make problems sets available for Windows users as they are
prepared by 6.001 staff.

Problem sets will be made available in the 6.001 locker. Generally, they
will consist of .scm files. There should be a probsets.scm file, and other
.scm files. The probsets.scm file should replace your current probsets.scm
file (which will be in c:\users\u6001\psets). The other .scm files should
be placed in the c:\users\u6001\psets\ps? directory (where ? is the number of 
the problem set). You may have to create this directory. There may be 
additional instructions associated with installing some problem sets 
in the 6.001 locker. 

You may see problem sets in the 6.001 locker before they have been handed out
in class. You should not download the problem set files until after the 
problem sets have been handed out. Early versions of a problem set may 
not be completely debugged. 

General Questions

If you have any questions or problems with this installation, send email

Reporting Bugs

Bug reports should be sent to

Do not send bug reports to any other address.  When reporting bugs be
as specific as possible.  General or vague descriptions are not very
helpful.  Use these headings as examples to guide your report:

  You:         you@Athena
  Problem set: ps4
  OS:          Windows 3.1 or NT
  Hardware:  Dell 466ME, 32MB Ram, 486DX2,
         An _exact_ description of what happens.

Try to narrow it down to a repeatable small example, like a small file
that always causes the problem when loaded into the system straight
after startup.  If the 6.001 Lab computers do the same thing it is not
a bug, or at least not a bug in the Windows port.

If you are running Microsoft Windows NT

The difference between MIT Scheme in Windows 3.1 and on Windows NT is a
few small DLLs.  If you are running NT you will need to do this before
running scheme:

        copy c:\scheme-7.4\bin\nt\*.* c:\scheme-7.4\bin

If you do the above and then you want to run scheme under Windows 3.1
again, you have to do the following to reinstall the correct DLLs:

        copy c:\scheme-7.4\bin\win31\*.* c:\scheme-7.4\bin

Differences between this version and 6.001 Lab version

 . On starting up Scheme there is no login screen with the options to
   work from your floppy.  You are responsible for ensuring that the
   files that you edit are saved.  We suggest that you always copy
   your work onto your floppy as this will enable you to work both on
   your PC and in the 6.001 Lab.

 . Debugging information for the runtime system is not available, so
   you will not be able to pretty-print system code.

Printing Scheme Graphics

The 6.001 Lab command M-x print-graphics has not been implemented.
Instead, use the following incantation to save the graphics window as
a bitmap (.BMP) file:

   (graphics-operation g1 'save-bitmap "c:/temp/foo.bmp")

Now print the bitmap using your favourite software, for example the
Paintbrush program.