6.001 Fall 1997

Information for Quiz 2

Quiz 2 will be held on WEDNESDAY, 5 NOVEMBER, in WALKER GYM. There are two quiz sessions, from 5pm--7pm, and 7pm--9pm. Students may not leave the 5pm session early (before 7pm), and may not arrive late for the 7pm session. For the 7pm session, students may enter Walker Gym ONLY from the doors on THE RIVER SIDE of the building.

It is CLOSED BOOK: no text, handouts, or notes may be used -- EXCEPT for a single sided page of personal notes (in at least 10 pt font) which students may bring to the quiz.

It is designed so most students can complete it in about ONE hour. The quiz sessions are TWO hours to lessen time pressure.


  *  SICP, Chapter 2 sections 2.3.3, 2.4--2.5.2;
           Chapter 3, sections 3.1--3.3.3, 3.5 .

  *  Problem Sets 4--6.

  *  Slides and notes (on the 6.001 Homepage) for
     Lectures 9 (Oct. 2) -- Lecture 16 (Oct. 28)
  *  Arithmetic expressions: abstract syntax, symbolic computation
     (derivatives, simplification), evaluation. 
  *  Representations for sets of values.
  *  Pattern matching: ? and ~ variables, patterns, rules: their use and
  *  Tagged data and dispatch on tags; message passing.
  *  The Environment Model.
  *  SET! and procedure objects with state.
  *  SET-CAR!, SET-CDR!; representing tables and queues.
  *  Tree and graph search
  *  Streams