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I am a Ph.D. student at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT. I work in the Distributed Robotics Laboratory with Prof. Daniela Rus. My research interests are in computer vision, machine learning, statistical modeling, data reduction, and natural language processing.

Some of my current research projects include:
(1) iDiary: a system for semantic segmentation, summarization and retrieval of video streams, with applications robotic exploration and wearable devices.
(2) Coreset system for dimensionality reduction of massive sparse datasets. Our ultimate goal is to compute a topic model for the entire English Wikipedia. Can we effectively represent the sum total of human knowledge with 100 high-dimensional vectors, and what would that mean? This is currently intractable using state-of-the-art latent semantic analysis techniques.
(3) Lapras: a collaboration initiative between MIT and MGH to develop a machine learning system for real-time analysis of laparoscopic surgery video. Our system can automatically determine the phase of the surgery, determine which parts are interesting, and record them for education, training, and situations involving critical surgery complications.

The focus of my Masters research was the development of novel robotic exploration and patrolling algorithms, with an emphasis on urban mobility optimization. Based on our patented research we were awarded the SMART Innovation Grant (SGD 250,000) and are currently incorporating a startup in Singapore: TaxiSG.

I would like to get into the financial sector after graduating. My interests are in quantitative analysis and algorithmic trading.


Distributed Robotics Laboratory
77 Massachusetts Ave, 32-376
Cambridge, MA 02139


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